Is your winter wardrobe dark, boring and grey? Here are six men’s clothing tips to get you through this winter in style and cheerfulness.

1. Avoid dark, pale colors on men’s clothing

Traditionally, many men wear dark colors in winter. The following colors make your winter wardrobe look dull and unattractive: black, grey and grey-brown. In other words: if you want to get through the winter without depression, avoid these pale, grey shades. Go for color! The cognac-colored sleeves of this bomber pop out. That makes us happy!

2. Choose warm, deep colors

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Make sure you wear warm, deep colors in the winter. Not grey and black, but the dark version of real colors. Typical winter colors that always do well are army green, navy blue, chestnut brown, ochre yellow, purple and burgundy. Bordeaux (wine red) is the fashion color for men. You could find those colors at Bos Men Shop.

Always good: men’s fashion in navy. Navy is the darkest variant of blue, it almost black. You can never go wrong with this color. It’s timeless and can be worn year after year and can be used for all kinds of smart casual looks. A few basics in this color are perfect, like a navy chino, a navy jacket and a navy V-neck sweater.

3. Make men’s clothing combinations with these colors

Create your own new men’s clothing combinations by combining items in winter colors mentioned above. Guys think that something won’t match too quickly. Don’t be too insecure about it. The fashion items you’ve chosen probably fit together because they match your personal clothing style. We also find perfectly composed clothing combinations boring.

4. Choose a fashion item or accessory in a bright color

Go for a fashion item or accessory in a bright color to add a little more color to an already grey winter. Think of trendy sneakers, a tie, a belt, leather gloves, socks or a T-shirt in a bright color. Possible colors that are fashionable now are orange, red, sky blue or yellow. These colors can be combined with more basic colors like khaki, beige and navy. This’ll add a fresh and cheerful accent to your outfit.

5. Indispensable men’s fashion items: the lumberjack shirt and the Norwegian print sweater.

Men’s clothing with print is always doing well! It’ll turn the men’s fashion combination into a more original and cheerful one. Gaastra has good prints to combine with your outfit.

In winter you choose a shirt with a check: the lumberjack shirt. Make sure you have at least one lumberjack shirt in the closet. In winter, we love a good flannel shirt with lumberjack’s check in dark red, dark green and dark blue. This looks nice, casual and is just as warm as a woolen sweater.

A thick winter sweater or cardigan with a Norwegian print is always a safe bet. It creates the tough look that women love.

6. Men’s fashion, all in one color

For those who dare: pick a color you like and just dress in that specific color. from head to toe in blue, green or brown. In fashion this is also called ton-sur-ton. Small differences in the colors are allowed, the clothing does not have to have exactly the same color. Please note: take a basic color, such as navy or khaki, entirely in orange or yellow can get a little too intense.

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