To engage your employees in the health and safety standards within your organization, you have to provide them with the right application. The EHS software enables your company to report on potential work hazards and risks, resulting in the prevention of incidents and achieving operational excellence.

COVID-19 brings change to the organizational environment

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In the past year, COVID-19 has changed the safety program management of companies enormously. While the employees were focusing on doing their work, management and safety teams were working on the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards within the company. How can we provide the best environment for the employees at the office? How do we manage all the data from the employees? How to inform the employees on the frequently changing procedures and protocols?

A central platform to stay compliant


The EHS software provides a centralized platform to keep track of a company’s government regulatory compliance. Employees can easily access the latest safety manual from the cloud and follow pieces of training to be informed of the changes. For the company, the EHS software can create efficiency by automating the workflow (e.g. notifying employees with due tasks), create transparency in the insights of the company’s safety performance, and secure compliance within the company.

Transparency within the company


EHS software has proven to increase productivity by creating transparency of information within the company. The more information available for the employees, the more productive and reliable the output is. Therefore, it is important to have a digital solution that improves your operations and can lead to innovative ideas that improve the company as a whole. Therefore employees need to easily access critical information, so more and more companies are investing in a good information system instead of a paper-bound system. Another opportunity that many companies are not yet taking full advantage of is the use of mobile devices. They offer more speed, operational efficiency, and accuracy. For companies with employees working offsite i.e. outside the office, it is easier to become isolated when there is a lack of communication. When your employees can easily react to incidents via mobile devices. Also having the EHS software available on mobile devices, the employees can then still receive training, plan ahead, and complete tasks.

Get started with safety today

Capptions is one of the companies providing this solution. Before configuring the platform, they take time to first understand the safety processes within your organization. They will configure the platform, whereas you, as the company, determine the content. With the content, Capptions can build the right templates and set up workflows. The platform can also be integrated into existing IT systems. Privacy and security are covered by encrypting the data in the cloud and database, and they do not share any data with third parties. Capptions provides a 14 days free trial, so you can experience the full package. For more information, visit

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