1. Blue is the new black

There is no color that can compete with the origins of blue in recent years in the watch world. It is therefore not surprising that there is an almost endless supply of different shades and nuances, which offers the possibility of artistically showing the variations in the timepiece. The blue wonder that settled a few years ago placed itself firmly besides the timeless black and white variants.


2. Green is the new blue

Although blue is still the trendsetter in the world of watches, green dials are starting to emerge with caution. This trend among watch brands confirms the top placement of green as a fashion color in the report of PANTONE Color Institute spring 2019. Pantone is the global authority on everything that has to do with color, as well as professional color standards and has adopted Arcadia as a hue, reasoning that: β€œthe cool and clear green shade of Arcadia is retro, yet modern. With a light blue cast, it gives a new twist to the spring of 2018/2019.”

3. Vintage Vibes

Historically inspired designs are the protagonists of the year. Whether you are longing for an elegant watch of the screaming twenties, chasing the new objectivity of the 50s and 60s, or looking for deliberately angular designs from the 70s, retro is in! A vintage watch also doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

vintage watch

It is a phenomenon of our time that goes hand in hand with nostalgia. Although it was originally a term used in medicine, where nostalgia was defined as a rather outspoken form of nostalgia, nowadays it is a melancholic desire, something that is not pathological at all. As today’s innovation cycles complete ever faster, the anxiety associated with the faster lifestyle is calmed down by recalling the good old days in which it seemed as if the earth was turning slower. We are happy with the values of the past that serve to curb the nauseating speed of the future.

4. Watches with three hands, with and without date

If you reduce a watch to its pure function as an instrument of timekeeping, you can summarize this as a single task: indicating the time in hours, minutes and seconds. This is the rhythm that our daily routine involves: 24 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds, and within these limits we perform our daily work.

No matter how many functions and complications can be added, such as a calendar, alarm clock or a stop function, the real watch lovers prefer a more traditional purpose of the timepiece. A representation of the date, however, is a handy addition of information in the hectic pace that we are moving at today, so that we do not lose ourselves.


At present, many brands, also in the luxury sectors, prefer the classic design of a watch with three hands, possibly with a date display.

5. Smaller models

Every year has a characteristic trend that is occasionally announced by a progressive silhouette of the previous year. After years of big clocks we see a trend towards smaller sizes with narrower dimensions than in recent years. The diameter now measures between 39 and 42 millimeters, which is perhaps somewhat modest for men.

small model watches

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