Becoming a billionaire: who doesn’t dream of it? For some people this dream has come true. They belong on the list of the 10 youngest billionaires. These rich youngsters are all no more than 30 years old and have gathered together a large fortune.

10. Jonathan Kwok – 30 years old

The thirty year old Jonathan Kwok is from China and has achieved this list thanks to his real estate company. He did not set up this company entirely himself, since it was originally his father’s. After he died, Jonathan received a large part of the shares, making him a billionaire in one fell swoop. Nowadays he is still involved in building and selling real estate, which means that his wealth is only growing: $ 2.5 billion at the moment.

9. Patrick Collison – 30 years old

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As co-founder and CEO of the software company Stripe, Patrick Collison has managed to gather a big fortune. In total the billionaire is worth no less than 2.1 billion dollars. His company creates software that makes it easy for people to make payments. Apparently this is quite popular, because it has ensured that Collison has earned a place on this list. We see Patrick’s brother later in the list, he is a little younger, so a bit higher in the list.

8. Evan Spiegel – 28 years old

If you are talking about popular social media platforms , then you are talking about Snapchat. This app is especially popular with young people and is used to send photos and videos. Evan Spiegel has earned more than 2.1 billion in total by developing the app and by functioning as a director. He only really got rich when shares of Snapchat came on the stock exchange, which happened in 2017. Since then he has had a place on this list.

7. Anna Kasprzak – 29 years old

There are two ways in which Anna Kasprzak has collected her 1 billion dollar fortune. For example, it is part of the large shoe brand ECCO, which is a family business of Kasprzak. She also spends her time as a dressage rider. She has already achieved a lot of success with her horses and knows how to stay at the top this way.

6. Gustav Magnar Witzøe – 26 years old

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Also Gustav Magnar Witzøe owes his fortune to his father for a large extent. He got a successful fishing company from him that he has developed further over the years. With success, because now Gustav Magnar Witzøe is worth no less than 3 billion dollars. That is not his only revenue model, because Gustav Magnar Witzøe also earns extra with his work as a model.

5. Ludwig Theodor Braun – 29 years old

It’s no secret there a lot of money to be made in the medicine industry . Ludwig Theodor Braun has proven that, because he owes his bank account of 1 billion to this industry. With his company he creates innovative medical devices that are used by hospitals and other specialists. The company sells no less than $ 8 billion worth of equipment every year.

4. John Collison – 28 years old

Not only Patrick Collison has earned a place on this list. His brother John also belongs in the list of the youngest billionaires. Together with his brother, he works in the same company and has therefore built up the same fortune. With $ 2.1 billion in the bank, he can take on the entire world and has more than enough room to gather even more money.

3. Katharina Andresen – 23 years old

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Imagine: you are only 23 years old and already have 1.4 billion dollars in your bank account. That is the case for Katharina Andresen, a Norwegian billionaire who got her wealth thanks to her father. When he died, Katharina received 42% of the shares in his investment company. That share was worth millions and has ensured that Katharina’s wealth continues to grow.

2. Alexandra Andresen – 22 years old

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If you give one daughter a large share of your company, you must do the same for the other daughter. Alexandra Andresen is Katharine Andresen’s sister, is 22 years old and, like her sister, is worth 1.4 billion dollars. Yet she is not concerned with business. She prefers to use her time to spend with her horses and she is working hard to become a famous dressage rider.

1. Kylie Jenner – 21 years old

Although she is not the richest billionaire in this list, she is the most famous and the youngest. Kylie Jenner is of course largely known for her famous sisters: Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian. She has created her own fortune thanks to her successful cosmetics company. With Kylie Cosmetics she has dragged in a whopping 1 billion dollars. She is the youngest billionaire of the moment.

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