This boot-shaped country located in Southern Europe is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a number of reasons, including its art, trendy fashion, beautiful landscapes, passionate people and top-class kitchens. Italy offers so much to see and do that it would take a lifetime to explore. Since there are so many different places, we have compiled a top 10 most beautiful places in Italy.

10. Sicily

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is an autonomous region of Italy that includes several smaller islands. It is separated from the mainland of Calabria by the 5km long Messina street. Sicily is rich in art and history; from Agrigento’s valley temples to Palermo’s baroque churches. The most striking geological feature of the island is Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe.

9. Italian lake area

The Italian lake area extends over northern Italy. The southern ends of most lakes are relatively flat, but the northern ends are mountainous because the lakes reach deep into the Alps. Popular with tourists for over 100 years, who combine the Italian lakes with good weather and an attractive landscape. Garda is the largest lake and offers a beautiful scenery, especially in the mountainous northern parts. Como is just as astonishing, with wooded slopes that rise directly from the water’s edge. Further west, Maggiore is less popular but just as beautiful, with various popular family resorts.

8. Flower Riviera (Liguria)

The Italian region of Liguria, also known as the Flower Riviera, or “Italian Riviera” runs along the west coast of Italy. It is a beautiful, narrow beach between the Ligurian Sea and the underlying Apennines. The green coastal strip is located east and west of the port city of Genoa, the most central major city in the region. The Riviera di Ponente is the colorful, western coastline that extends to the French border. This part of the coast is known for its flower cultivation and export and for its beautiful wide sandy beaches and classic seaside resorts. The Flower Riviera is great for holiday goers who like to spend their holidays on the coast.

7. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre stands for the five villages Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso. The villages of Cinque Terre, located in the northwestern coast of Liguria, are located in northwestern Italy and have some of the most beautiful landscapes of the country with steep cliffs and wine terraces from hundreds of years. In Cinque Terre you will find an age-old complex of hiking trails that offers the best views of the Italian coast. The Blue Trail is a paved route that connects all five villages and is suitable for all ages.

6. Naples

Naples, one of the busiest metropolitan cities in the country, is the capital of the Campania region in southern Italy. The city of Naples offers a wealth of art work and historical sites and a lively atmosphere of shops, restaurants and nightlife. Many favorite Italian dishes come from this region such as pizza, spaghetti and parmigiana. These dishes are taken seriously in Naples and usually have fresh and locally grown ingredients. Because there are nearby famous sights such as the Bay of Naples and Pompeii, Naples is an ideal base to stay while you explore the area. Check here for a flight from Los Angeles to Naples.

5. Venice

Venice is one of the best places to visit in Italy and is a unique city built on a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Venice is located in northeastern Italy and is an archipelago of 118 islands that are all connected by hundreds of beautiful bridges and canals. Of the canals, the Grand Canal is the best known and divides the city into two parts. The beautiful waterways and historic architecture make Venice one of the most romantic cities in the world. Venice is often busy, but definitely worth a visit for its beautiful sights such as St. Martin’s Square and Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge. One of the most popular things to do in Venice is take a gondola ride along one of the many canals. Check here for a flight from Los Angeles to Venice.

4. Milan

Milan, almost destroyed by heavy bombing during the Second World War, has been reconstructed and is now one of the richest cities in Europe. Milan is generally regarded as a mega fashion center that is teeming with designer stores. Milan also displays many of his remaining world-famous arts such as Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, The Last Supper, La Scala Opera House, the Castello Sforzesco and one of the world’s largest Gothic cathedrals. Milan sometimes seems less Italian than the predominantly historic cities of the country and more a glamorous city with modern architecture.

3. Tuscany

Tuscany, the most famous region of Italy, has beautiful rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and cypresses. Tuscany’s many popular activities include wine tasting in the Chianti, relaxing in hill towns such as San Gimignano or exploring Renaissance art in Florence. The medieval city of Siena also has excellent works of art, while the historic center is one of the most popular places to visit in Italy. Elba, the largest Tuscan island, offers great beaches while Pisa is world famous for its Leaning Tower.

2. Amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast, located in the southwestern region of Campania, is known for its extraordinary beauty. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy. The Amalfi coast, which is 48 kilometers long (along the south side of the Sorrento peninsula), is appreciated for its picturesque coastline with beautiful bays, steep cliffs, lemon tree gardens, multicolored villas and rhythmic resorts. One of the most romantic and chic towns along the Amalfi coast is Positano with its beautiful pebble beaches, pastel houses and picturesque mountains. Amalfi has beautiful squares with restaurants, while the city of Ravello is popular for its beautiful villas with gardens and artworks.

1. Rome

Previously, Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire, now Rome is the government seat and capital of Italy. Rome, located in the central Lazio region, is a vast and complex city that is both historical and modern. Rome is known for housing ancient Roman structures and the Vatican City. Rome has endured more than 2,500 years as being an important center for culture, power and religion. From old romantic squares to beautiful cathedrals and Renaissance architecture, there is so much to see and do in Rome that it can take months or even years to see it all.

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