Fast money, hard cash, mucho dinero in other words money , who has not dreamed of it? We are all eagerly looking forward to the right lottery number, or perhaps the nice legacy of an aunt that you have never known. There is another one hot item that people go for en masse. Invest. Have you always been doubting whether you will still buy Bitcoin? Then you have missed the boat. Fortunately, you can invest in many different ways besides doing blackjack online which can also make you a lot of money if you know how to play that game well.

We have listed the best and worst investments, so that we can give you that push in the right direction!

What is an investment?

Let’s start with the term ‘investment’. Because we have to define that clearly for a moment, so that no confusion arises. Is an investment something you spend money on and get more money back for later? Is an investment something that you will experience, so that you invest in your own life?

In this article we assume that an investment will yield you a certain amount over time. In short, profit! Incidentally, a few months of backpacking is also investing, but that kind of investment is for an article in the future.

What do you have to invest in?

Invest in cars

There are quite a few cars you could have invested in. Of course, it remains a gamble, but some models are increasing considerably in value! The big disadvantage is that you need a big wallet for this. As you probably understand, a Fiat Multipla will not be worth much in 10 years. Money flushed down the drain if it’s up to us! Some examples of a good investment in the car sector:

Lamborghini Veneno

Only 3 copies of this car have been built! At that time you could have bought it for the staggering amount of 3.6 million euros. It has risen considerably in value, as much as 180 percent! Nowadays you can sell the car for about 8.5 million euros.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Also at Ferrari they have managed to bring a nice investment to the market. The LaFerrari came on the market in 2013 for 1.3 million euros. If you own it and sell it now, you will receive about 2.8 million in return!

Of course there have also been poor investments in the automotive sector. The Maserati Quattroporte is said to have fallen by about seventy percent compared to its purchase price. You will feel that in your wallet. Bugattis also don’t seem to be a good investment so far! With a decrease of twenty percent, you still lose a sloppy € 300,000 within a year.

Investing in cars also remains a bit of a gamble. You must have an eye for it. Because which models are later going to be hot, and which not ?

Of course you can also invest in cars that are already classics. Are they worth a lot of money now? Then they will be even more in a few years!

Invest time in blackjack

Blackjack is a popular game that you play against the dealer. The game is fun but not as simple as some of the other games you get at casinos, like slots for instance. It requires skill and at least some level of strategy. There are, however, simple as well as advanced tips that you can use to bring down the house edge further and improve your chances of scoring a win and a casino bonus.

Invest in real estate

big villa

Real estate is one of the most obvious investments there are. You must again have hefty pocket money to get in. You could also invest in funds that focus on the real estate sector. You can already board for a relatively small amount of € 1,000 or € 2,000. This is of course not what we mean investing in real estate, but that is how you participate!

The easiest and smartest investment you can make is in your own home. You still have to live somewhere and if you buy smart and have good timing, then you are set. If you had bought a house four years ago, you could have had a surplus value of € 10,000 to € 100,000! On the other hand, of course, if you sell your house now, you will have to pay more for a new house. It is therefore essential that you have to do a downgrade or start renting if you want to keep money for your own house.

So, as with all investments, the timing of selling is also crucial.


With watches, the same things applies as with cars, only you need less money for this. Make sure that you immerse yourself in this world and / or take control of a connoisseur.

Rolex Submariner

Rolex is as you would expect in the list of watches that you can invest in. The Submariner in particular is a good investment. Versions released two or three years ago are already worth more than the original price!

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

This is a low threshold entry watch when investing in watches. Tudor is facing increasing popularity, which means that this model will definitely be worth more money in a few years!

Omega Seamaster 300

This is one of the most popular Omegas on the market. This is because the very best aspects of previous versions have been combined into a commodity showpiece . This watch will certainly earn you money over time.


Everyone has heard of brands such as Supreme, Nike Air Max or the Yeezy shoes. Garments from these brands are regularly sold in stores for retail prices and then sold on the internet for dizzying amounts. You have to be lucky to be able to buy certain items of clothing, but once you have them you can easily double your money.

Investments that you should not make!


Don’t get it wrong, because you can invest very well in technology companies. We mean phones and others tech items are one of the worst investments ever. Have you ever seen an iPhone or Macbook become more expensive the older he gets? Exactly, we haven’t either! If you are the lucky one working on one of the very first computers from Apple, then you are an exception to the rule.


We have indeed covered these under the good investments, but in general most cars are very bad investments. As soon as you drive away from the dealer, your car is worth thousands of euros less. Of course it takes you everywhere, so it’s a good investment for your life (or business), but you won’t get more money out of it soon.

Invest in all cryptocurrency except Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency are digital coins such as Bitcoin and other variants. Investing in this is enormously risky. That goes for pretty much all cryptocurrency apart from Bitcoin, so it is no longer worth investing in. And let’s not forget that the markets for these digital coins are being ravaged by deceptions, scams and hackers!

Be very careful when you invest in this digital currency. It is incredibly sensitive and fluctuates enormously in price. If you are lucky you make it a hit but nine out of ten times you just lose your money.

To rent a house

Everyone started living on their own at some point. Of course we understand that not everyone can buy a house immediately. But still a lot of people rent a house and this is one of the worst investments you can make. If you are going to invest in your own place, try to arrange whether you can buy a house. A rental home has no benefits except that it offers you accommodation. You do not have a mortgage interest deduction and you will no longer see the monthly rental amount, except perhaps the deposit that you had to pay.

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