Going to casino for an afternoon or evening? There are a few pitfalls that are easy to avoid. This will make your casino visit a lot more fun and hopefully more lucrative.

1. Paying the entrance fee

Paying an entrance fee to a casino is nonsense. Just think: you don’t give a restaurant money in advance for ordering something. By far the most revenue a casino gets from the gambling of its guests. Therefore, paying to gamble is, in Mr. Casino’s opinion, nonsense. If you play online, you don’t pay a fee to play as well. Just make sure to fill in your full name, otherwise some websites don’t payout due to the wrong name, just like you can see at GSlot Tros Opgelicht.

2. Playing at the Money Wheel

Money Wheel is the casino version of the old Wheel of Adventure. Everyone gets it, it doesn’t look intimidating and the staff member spinning the wheel often makes a nice show around it.

Many people who visit a casino for the first time therefore play the Money Wheel. But this is, to put it mildly, rather unwise. The house advantage of this game is at least 7.7%. Almost three times as much as in roulette.

3. Extra cash


Don’t withdraw any extra money after you’ve lost all your play money. Before visiting a casino, decide on the maximum amount you want to spend on gambling. Stick to this limit. If you don’t trust yourself, leave your debit card at home. Or ask a friend to hold the card for you until you are out again.

4. Forfeiting all your winnings again

Just as you decide in advance how much money you want to forfeit, you also decide at what profit you stop gambling. For example:

€ 100,- in the plus is nice, you stop as soon as you stand that amount of profit. Or:
€ 500,- won is just enough, then you can start booking that vacation.
You get the principle. So you avoid the hangover feeling you get when you first make a profit (hooray!) and end up trudging towards the exit with empty pockets.

5. Using drugs

Aside from the fact that using drugs in a casino is illegal anywhere in the world-except for coffee, alcohol, and nicotine-it’s also extremely unwise.

When you’re under the influence, it can suddenly seem like a very good idea to take another card when you’re at 19 at the blackjack table. Or to use your work credit card to make one more withdrawal of 100 euros.

So for the same reason, it’s not smart to drink a lot of alcohol. You can do that, but don’t play afterwards.

6. Interfering with someone else’s slot machine


It can be fun: watching your friend play the slot machine. Fine, but don’t interfere with his or her game. That will only lead to arguments.

You also don’t press any buttons on the slot machine unless invited to do so.

Don’t: Cheer if you think you’ve won a big prize, but in reality you’ve won € 0.95 or there’s no prize at all.

Peeking at the machines of strangers in a casino is tantamount to peeking. It is not nice and it is irritating for the player.

7. Don’t tip

If you bet on a full number at roulette and you win, casino etiquette dictates that you tip one time your bet. It’s not mandatory. But at least it will improve the atmosphere at the table. Moreover, the croupier will be more inclined to help you place your bets.

8. Sit at a deadly quiet table

Are you walking past a table, especially blackjack, and can you hear a pin drop while the table is well occupied? Don’t go there to play.

It’s likely to be lost and in a grave mood. Don’t mingle if you want to have an enjoyable evening.

9. Don’t split two eights in blackjack


Get two eights at blackjack? Split, always.

If you don’t know what splitting is, stay away from the blackjack table anyway.

10. Split two tens at blackjack

This is only a good idea if you’re eager to lose money and/or be laughed at by the rest of the table. Otherwise, familiarize yourself with the rules of blackjack first.

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