Busy terraces and parks full of sun worshippers: it is summer. Perfect weather to spend a lot of time outside, but how can you prevent walking around with a popping red head? With these sunny tips!

Apply, apply and apply again

You often see it on a bottle of sunscreen: apply once. You probably think, that sound ideal, but it is not that simple. Every skin is different. Do you burn quickly? Do you swim a lot? Is the sun super bright? Then one time application is really not enough. Apply often and don’t be frugal. It is best to rub yourself in when you are still inside, so the protective substances can work well. Have you just cut your hair with the hair clipper on position zero? Do not forget to rub your entire head. Or put on a cap!

Don’t forget your eyes…

No, of course you can’t rub those. But you can put on sunglasses! Just check whether it is one that blocks UV rays.

… and your head

Getting sunscreen obviously won’t prevent sunstroke. Your head is just like a flat roof. You can compare your brain to a hot attic. If the sun shines on it, things can quickly overheat. Even if you do have hair. So keep things cool with a cap or hat.

beach with forrest

T-shirts aren’t enough

Do you think you can skip the entire sunscreen ritual by swimming with a T-shirt? The sun’s rays cannot be stopped by a wet shirt.

Smart in the shade

Sunscreen or not: look for shade regularly! It is especially the place to be between twelve and three o’clock, because then the sun is at it’s hottest. You also catch sun under a parasol or under a tree. Two hours under the parasol is approximately the same as one hour in the sun.

Don’t be fooled

Even if it is not that hot at all, you can still burn. That has everything to do with solar power. That is the amount of UV radiation that you get on your skin when you are outside. The sun power is already at summer strength at the end of this week. If you do not apply sunscreen, you can be burned within fifteen minutes. So we are back to tip 1: Apply, apply and apply again.

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