Do better at work, plan more and eat healthier. They are many common good resolutions. How do you make sure you keep them in tact? Well, these tips will probably go a long way.

1. What do you really want to change?

Changing behaviour is not easy, so you really have to want it. Consider how important your new behaviour is to you and what it will bring you.

2. Make a schedule

Good preparation is half the battle, or at least a quarter. Think in advance about difficult moments. Make a schedule too!

3. Do it together

Tell your resolutions to others and try to succeed together. It is easier to get off the couch when you work out together than when you have to go outside on your own.

4. Have faith

The more you believe that you succeed, the greater the chance that you will actually succeed. And if you have succeeded a few times, your confidence that you will last will grow.

5. Don’t be too strict

If something goes wrong, it is not the end. The the next day you can just try again!

6. Reward yourself

Habits are habits because they are nice. So make sure that what comes in its place is rewarded with something nice.

7. Use an app

An app can help you gain insight into your behaviour. With this you can clearly see how far you are. Moreover, apps often have a function that allows you to share your score with your friends, for example via Facebook. If you get likes on that, it also has a rewarding effect.

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