More and more often we come into contact with technological developments that initially seem to be crazy for words. For example, there was the Google Glass a few years ago. And the Apple Watch is also one of those developments that we first thought: “let’s see if this is going to be something.” We all know what flopped and what didn’t. But what we now encounter is really next-level: smart contact lenses. Take a look …

How do smart contact lenses work?

In principle, they are ordinary contact lenses that many people have in order to see better. However, there are some technological gadgets in this lens. There are rumours that they are also working on a more advanced variant. These have to be inserted surgically and cannot be removed afterwards. It sure sounds risky, getting contacts in through surgery.

But what can you do then? Take eye photos, record phone calls (or not), auto focus and see in the dark. The possibilities are endless.


Power is required to make the smart lenses work. But how the hell are they going to fix that? Two ways are currently being investigated to “charge” the smart contact lenses. The first way sounds enormously futuristic but should be possible, they call this piezo-electric charging. To explain it a bit simpler, this means that the batteries can be charged by blinking your eyes. Say what ?!

Another variant that is currently being investigated is the manufacture of lenses where transparent solar cells are built in. This means we don’t have to blink so much, but we can just keep looking.

Different companies are working on smart lenses

A good number of companies are working on this very sick technology. Nobody less than the US Department of Defense would even interfere! In addition to any military applications, Google, Sony and Samsung would also see possibilities.

Whether this is a hoax or not, the best thing is fantasizing about what you could do with such a lens. Take photos with your eye? Zoom in fifteen times with your eye or night vision for the night after a party.


Medical appliances

In addition to the sickest things you just want to do with the lenses for fun, there are also medical applications that are being investigated. For example, the smart lens looks at remedying various disorders. Here we have to think of cataracts, glaucoma or a retina that comes off.

We think this is a very sick product and we definitely need to get hold of these lenses. However, a strange feeling remains floating around the subject. Would it be a hoax? Or maybe it has something to do with today’s date?

smart contact lenses infographic

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