We have found the dream of every bingewatcher! A huge smart bed with an equally huge screen. Good news for everyone who is not averse to a night of binge-watching or gaming. The people of HiCan have put themselves on the map as far as we are concerned.

The smart bed of your dreams


It’s a big construction, we can’t ignore that. The smart bed is full of all kinds of applications that give your life a big comfort boost. The HiCan, short for High Definition Canopy can be completely adjusted to your personal needs. Do you want your favourite chill position at the touch of a button? No problem! Do you snore every now and then and does that drive your date completely loco? No problem either! The HiCan can detect this and ensures that your head is slightly raised so that you don’t snore any more.

Private cinema


In addition to the fact that the bed can remember all your favourite positions, the smart bed also functions as a private cinema. Everywhere around you lights are built in, there is a monitor at your disposal that comes down with the push of a button. Your neighbours are probably going to complain about noise, because the bed has quite a few large speakers. There are two speakers at your foot and in addition there are two surround speakers and a subwoofer installed. The speakers have a deafening capacity of 150 watts each.

Not bad, not bad at all.  


This all sounds super cool of course, but what does it actually cost? Pull on your wallet because you probably have to save for a while. The price is $40.000!

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