Swimming after eating is dangerous. Carrots are good for your eyes. You hear some things so often that you think they are true. Everyone says it, so it must be true. But is that always the case?

If something is claimed often enough, you soon think it is true. In this section we investigate facts and fables.

Fact or fable?

By postponing something, you perform better because time pressure makes you more creative. Writing a book report, practising for piano lessons or making a paper for school. Are there things that you postpone because you just don’t feel like it? Or because you are afraid that you may not be able to? Do you ever tell yourself that it is good to get started at the very end? Because just in the nick of time you often do or come up with the best things. Researchers looked at whether it actually works that way. And guess what? For good results, creative and original ideas, time and preparation are needed. Postponing you will not perform better.

This is a fable.

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