Since the office where you work is the place where you spend most hours of the week – often more than at home – it is a bonus if this is a nice place. Now, one office is not the other and there are a number of excellence purebreads in this category. Our office crush is currently this office in the historic district of Kiev, Ukraine. The biggest stand out is the conference table, which stands in a swimming pool.

Office meeting in a swimming pool

The old building in which the Banda Agency, a creative agency, is located has completely been redesigned by the architects of Balbek Desk. The interior architects have taken into account that a creative company is located in the office . This way they have turned it into an artistic and comfortable space. It is designed so that employees get a feeling where they are not at work but completely somewhere else. For example, a workspace has been arranged as a lively bar, a vintage retro living room, and of course the meeting room in the shape of a swimming pool.

The decoration is kept minimalistic and the look is industrial. This makes the office feel open and light. This ensures – according to the designers – that the feeling of fatigue becomes minimal and creativity is stimulated. See, that’s something we can all use.

pool in office

pool in office 2

modern industrial gray office

Source: Balbek Desk

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