The poles are melting faster than ever, the sea level is rising. The question is whether that can be reversed. So solutions must be found to keep living dry. Oceanix City, the floating city of the future by BIG architectural firm, is a wonderful example of this.

Oceanix City from BIG: the floating city of the future

Oceanix City is a floating city that can accommodate 10,000 people. Oceanix City consists of so-called hexagonal modules that are connected to each other and together they form an island or floating city. Oceanix City is designed with the most modern technologies that prevent marine life from being damaged. In fact, they must actually benefit biodiversity in the water.

floating city

Oceanic City has been developed in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the United Nations (UN). The city consists of six villages, which in turn consist of six separate islands that are connected to each other. Each village has a size of 12 hectares and offers living space to 1,650 inhabitants. Oceanix City therefore offers space for around 10,000 inhabitants in total. Every island has 3,000 square meters of agriculture, so that food production can be largely self-sufficient.

Renewed energy and recycled water


The floating city is designed in such a way that all residents can be supplied with renewed energy, generated by solar cells and waves. The water used is 100 percent recycled. The so-called undersea bio rocks and the cultivation of oysters, seaweed, mussels, scallops and other shellfish must keep the water clean. The small islands are designed to withstand a category 5 hurricane.

“Our goal is to create affordable and sustainable floating cities for coastal areas in need. We want to prevent this from becoming a privilege for the rich in the future, ” says Collins Chen, co-founder of Oceanix City. Read more about the project here, below you can view the first impressions.

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