Do you have your own car, do you like driving and would you like to make money with it? This article contains 5 tips on how to make driving your job. Whether you want to turn driving into your new full-time job or just earn some extra money on the side, there are more possibilities than you think. If you want to lease a car for a short amount of time, you could also think about a short lease nowadays.

1. Driver

man driving a car wearing wrist watch

Being a driver is a fun, flexible way to earn money and meet new people at the same time. The possibilities of a job as a driver are endless: you can do it as a side job during your studies, but also as a full-time private driver.

For example, Uber is an organization where it’s easy for people to start as a driver.

2. (Meal) delivery boy

If you prefer to drive alone and don’t want to transport passengers, you can also consider driving for Uber Eats. Drivers who drive for Uber Eats will receive a fee for the distances covered. Just like regular Uber drivers, Uber Eats drivers are subject to various conditions for admission. It’s also possible at DHL to work with your own car as a delivery person or courier.

3. Mystery drivers

black vehicle on raod

There are various organisations that use drivers as mystery shoppers. You pretend to be a potential buyer at a car dealer, enter the buying process, report about it to your employer and then get paid.

4. Advertisements

Have advertisements put on your car to make money without having to do anything extra for it. You just drive your normal route every day. However, the condition that many advertisers set is that you live in a densely populated area or can be found there with your car on a regular basis. In order to qualify for this possibility, you often have to drive in areas with a lot of traffic.

5. Renting a car

Do you have a car that you only use a few days a week, for example only on weekends? Consider renting it out. Ideal if, for example, you go to work by public transport. By renting out your car on workdays, you create an extra source of income.

Various car insurances are cleverly responding to this by offering policies that allow you to rent out your car. You are then insured for any damage that someone else causes to your car.

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