When your iPhone lost it’s shine or spirit (or maybe even both), because of a damaged touchscreen or a battery that lost it’s power, you need deep pockets. We all are familiar with the costs that come along with a reparation of your beloved digital helper from Apple. There was a time, which took very long, where you could only get your device fixed by a recognized Apple serviceprovider, where you are charged accordingly. But as time went on, you are now able to get the right high-quality parts to replace your iPhone 7 screen for just a fraction of the cost.

iPhone screens

It’s a relief that the world of technology keeps up with the demands of customers, so you can find and order iPhone screens in different qualities and variations. However, you get your new screen, you still have to get it up and running on your own. Luckily you can also find a repair kit with all the tools that you need to get the job done. Even when you are a bit shaky about your own technical skills, you’ve also got the possibility to choose for a pre-assembled screen. They can’t make it any easier, can they?

Choose your screen


But, that is not all. At PhoneGigant they don’t limit their product range to screens only. They also have a lot of other components such as batteries, speakers, dock connectors, sensors, cameras, you name it. Also, the nice thing is that they directly show you if the product of your choice is in stock. On all their components you’ll get a 6 month warranty, which ensures that you’ll get a quality product to upgrade or repair your smartphone and get value for your money.

So, in short

First you’ll decide how high your technical skills are and if you are ready for the challenge. Second, you choose the appropriate screen (either standard or pre-assembled) and don’t forget to ensure you have the right tools to fix this. Third, you wait impatiently for your order to arrive and get this thing done, you can do this! And lastly, but kind of essential, you are sure your iPhone screen doesn’t just get broken again with the appropriate accessories to protect your digital extension that is your life. No kidding! Treat your smartphone with care and you’ll never have to try your repair skills on your device again. Are you ready to take this challenge yourself?

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