Are you going to move or renovate soon and are you looking for inspiration? We put the most important interior trends for the new year in a row!

Trend 1: Flexa color

An important moment in terms of trends is often the Flexa colour of the year. This is because Flexa is very highly regarded and can often be seen everywhere at the VT residential fair that falls in the same period. Because the world is becoming increasingly hectic and digital, the Flexa colour of 2020 is Tranquil Dawn. It consists of green, blue and grey and is inspired by the colours of the morning light.

Trend 2: Green


Green, green and green again. This is also a colour that we are going to see a lot in 2020. There are different ways to apply this in your home. For example, you can paint the wall green, use the colour in accessories such as pillows and blankets, but you can also just take plants into your home!

Trend 3: Sustainability

Sustainability is an important issue in today’s society, and it is also reflected in the housing trends. Natural materials such as corn and bamboo are often used in the interior world.

Trend 4: Round shapes

In the past, rectangular shapes were very popular. Although such a sleek look is very cool, people are currently looking for more playful round shapes. Choose, for example, a round dining table or a few round cushions, anyway plenty of possibilities!

Trend 5: Inner Retreat


Inner Retreat is known for its calm and soft appearance. After a long day of working with lots of impressions, you can relax completely. The trend consists of light pastel colors combined with the aforementioned natural materials. In addition, it has a matt appearance with a lot of white on the surface.

Trend 6: Blended Culture

Blended Culture mixes products and styles from different cultures. This stems from the need for more openness and a broader world view. The combinations create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Tip 7: Street Savage

Street Savage arose from a growing interest in freedom. Pronounced colours, graffiti and industrial materials are central. Recycling is a ‘hot theme’ within this trend. Cheap curtains fit in well with this trend, especially dark colours and a wave fold. Combine these with horizontal blinds for a cozy look!

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