Are you a little short on money? Do you need some money fast? We’re talking about a bit extra, enough to meet your monthly obligations or to get that nagging creditor to stop calling you.

None of the strategies to make a quick buck listed here will get you loaded. Some are simpler than others, but almost all of them require very little or no capital. They are meant to help you through those difficult times.

For some of these strategies to make some extra money, you need to be in certain locations, while others are independent of a certain location. But in the end, it comes down to being resourceful. We all need extra money at some point in our lives, but for the person who is committed, anything is possible.

Many of these jobs have to do with the mindset. If you don’t have the money, thinking about scarcity also starts. The constant mindset of scarcity is negative and thinks there is never enough of anything to make ends meet. If you find yourself thinking that way, do everything in your power to turn the mindset of scarcity into the mindset of abundance.

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. We have more than 60,000 thoughts a day, many deep in our subconscious and many of which are repeated. We must be the custodians of our thoughts. If you find yourself thinking negatively, you really need to get yourself out of it.

If you want to make quick money, you are often in a difficult place financially or even desperate to make ends meet. But everything we have and everything we end up becoming is partly the result of our thoughts. Think and you will be. Select and cultivate the right thoughts if you want to live an abundant life.

The Psychology of Making Money

Regardless of whether you want to make money quickly or just want to talk about making money in the bigger picture, there is an important psychology that needs to be mentioned before you finally get into those strategies. According to Sigmund Freud, the human personality is complex and has more than one component. In his famous psychoanalytical personality theory, personality consists of three elements. These three elements of personality – known as the id, the ego, and the superego – work together to create complex human behavior.

The id is the only component of the personality that has been present from birth. This aspect of the personality is completely unconscious and includes the instinctive and the primitive behavior. Although people eventually learn to control the id, this part of the personality remains the same primal force throughout life. It is the development of the ego and the superego that enables people to control the basic instincts of the id and act in a way that is both realistic and socially acceptable.

The superego is the aspect of the personality with all our internalized moral norms and ideals that we get from our parents and society. The superego provides guidelines for making judgements. People who are careful with their money can be grateful to their superego.

The ego is the manager, the one who makes the decisions. It decides between the devil (the id) and the angel (the super-ego) on both shoulders (yes, all those cartoons you’ve ever seen are partly true). We have voices in our minds and it is up to the ego to decide which to fulfill. The ego works from the principle of reality, which strives to fulfill the id’s desires in a realistic and socially appropriate way.

Schedules to get rich quickly and hip diets to lose weight are naturally popular because they meet the id while also reassuring the super-ego. The work of the ego is complete when it sees something like this. The appeal of ‘fast’ stems from the innate desire for immediate satisfaction, so beware of what seems too good to be true (they often are) if you want to make quick money. Be wary. Listen to the conversation deep within the boundaries of your mind and do your best to tame the proverbial beasts.

What are the best ways to make quick money? While an online search for quick money will yield millions of results, not all results will be equally legitimate. It’s up to you to filter out the best. These 200 ways to make money can help you get out of the red. Once you are, pick up the schedule and concentrate on the bigger picture.


1. Start driving for Uber or Lyft

drive-uberCompanies like Uber and Lyft offer a great opportunity to earn some money on the side. You need a valid driver’s license, a fairly new car and a license from your municipality. If you have all these things, you can start driving when it suits you. Some people prefer to drive during the day or rush hour, while others prefer to drive in the evenings or weekends. The choice is yours.

2. Strategy to make money: take part in market surveys

market-researchWhen I was still in college, I often participated in market research. It doesn’t take too much effort to earn some extra cash. Companies that are looking for the opinion of consumers about different products and services enable you to make money online with your opinion. It’s as simple as that. This often includes giving your opinion about or experience with a product, answering surveys or participating in a discussion group. There are many topics and there is always a survey in which you can participate. is just one company that is almost always looking for participants.

3. Sell old books and games on offers the possibility to sell old books, games and devices on their marketplace. If you have expensive university textbooks, you can earn a nice buck. Make sure the books are in good condition. You’ll get negative ratings if you try to sell books that fall apart or games that have been scratched. Remember, always be honest about the possible damage no matter how insignificant it may seem and no matter how few people will notice it.

4. Sell or resell used technology on

ebayThe market for used electronics is huge. You can use eBay to sell your old iPhone or MacBook. You can still earn money for this kind of electronics. Some people even earn money by buying and reselling items. You can also use many different websites to sell your used phone, regardless of the brand. Such companies have created a complete business model of buying and refurbishing used phones. Anyway, you can expect to make some money pretty quickly if you have these items in your house.

5. Perform tasks for Swagbucks

swagbucksWith Swagbucks you can do all kinds of different tasks, for which you don’t have to leave the house. Part of the app is reserved for online shopping at a discount, but you can also earn money by receiving and reading e-mails, clicking on advertisements and completing surveys.


6. Put your name on real estate contracts

real-estateIf you think this is difficult, then you’re wrong. You can sign real estate contacts without ever really becoming the owner of a property. All you do is sign a contract for a company and sell it to an interested party. That’s all. In most cases, you can start trading in contracts with just a few hundred dollars. There are companies that can also teach you how to do this. You can make some money quickly, but you can also earn larger amounts in the long run.

7. Try to sell things on CafePress or Etsy

cafe-pressIf you can design digital items, you can sell them for a share of the profit on a site like CafePress. Of course, you can also use design software. You can create custom logos, inspiring statements, and other current or trending designs that appeal to a wide range of people. You could hire a designer to help you with this, but of course you still have to come up with the ideas yourself. This works best if you already have experience in working out designs. Items will be printed and delivered on request. You simply receive a part of the proceeds. In the same way you can also sell items on Etsy.

8. Work on a golf course

golfingA good part-time way to earn money for golf lovers is by being a caddie or ball boy at the local golf course. The days can be long, but you’ll earn some great tips and it’s a pleasant way to make money on the side.


9. Answer questions at JustAnswer

9-just-answerJustAnswer (and several other sites) enable doctors, lawyers, engineers and others with knowledge of a particular subject to earn a small income by only answering questions from people who would otherwise have to pay a hefty amount for those answers. This platform is a great resource for people. It’s also lucrative because you earn some money quickly. Don’t expect huge amounts of money, but you can make some money here if you’re short on it.

10. Create gigs on Fiverr

fiverr-searchWhatever kind of service you offer, you can probably offer it on Fiverr. This is great for digital services such as graphic design, web design, making short audio or video clips, editing services, writing, and so on. Fiverr has gone beyond the per gig model. Fiverr Pro brings the best talent on its platform together. Depending on your skills, you can earn a lot of money here.

11. Walk dogs

walk-dogsThere are networks that are dedicated to bringing dog owners into contact with dog walkers. Rover is the largest network when it comes to exchanging numbers of dog walkers with dog owners. You can also use the social media or just ask your neighbors to promote your services. If you make an effort, you’ll be able to get good reviews. This will help you to make money in the future when you need it. It is also a very fun way to make money on the side.

12. Visit to babysit

careIf you want to make some quick money, you can start babysitting. Parents all over the world always need babysitting services. Websites like put parents in contact with babysitters. The company does all the background checks and arranges everything to make the parents feel comfortable. Of course, you can also call directly on people in your personal network, but if you want to generate recurring income, you need to sign up on a site for parents who are looking for childcare.

13. Sell your photos

shutterstockDo you have a knack for photography? You need to be a skilled photographer to earn some proper money, but if you are, you can sell photos on ShutterStock (along with many other sites) to generate a passive income with the work you might be very passionate about. If you want to make money fast by taking photos, you can also look for people who need photographers to capture their marriage, engagement, a child’s birthday or any other event. You need a good camera and some experience, but you can certainly earn an income this way, no matter where you live.

14. Become a personal trainer

personal-trainerIf you understand fitness, you could become a personal trainer. People pay a lot of money for personal trainers because they need someone to keep them on track and achieve their goals. You can help them and at the same time improve their financial situation. If you have knowledge about nutrition, you can also help people plan meals, and so on. You can look for customers in your local gym but, depending on where you live, you may need some certification (not to mention the gym approval). You can also use a site like MindBodyOnline to advertise your services.

15. Start tutoring

tutoringParents are always willing to invest in the future of their children. If you have a lot of knowledge about subjects such as mathematics, history or computers, you can give tutoring for a fee. Indeed offers possibilities for coaching students in your area. You can choose one of these platforms or just find your clients through your personal network or social media.

16. Have companies advertise on your car

car-advertisingPlatforms such as Stickerride bring brands and companies in contact with drivers. The process is simple. If you agree to turn your car into a driving billboard, you will receive money for it. If you qualify, you can earn a fixed monthly fee by driving around with an advertisement on your car. You don’t have to pay anything for this, but you do need a valid driver’s license and a relatively new car. You also need to drive the car sufficiently to be worthwhile for brands that pay you for your services. If you meet all the conditions, you can generate income.

17. Help people with gardening

gardeningWhen a gardener gets to work, you can make some money quickly. There are many options: you can mow lawns and weed, but you can also create or redecorate gardens. Once you’ve done a few gardens, you’ll soon be able to get around the neighborhood. It will certainly be worth it.

18. Offer cleaning services

cleaningThere are a variety of online platforms, such as Helpling, that you can use for this, or you can just advertise nearby or post a message on social media. Anyway, this is a great way to earn an hour or more on a task that is often in high demand. You could, if you are good at it, earn a good income from it.

19. Become a home organizer

home-organizerYou can easily organize or fix people’s houses. Since the debut of the hit series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, there has been a lot of demand for this kind of stuff. If you are a neat and organized person and good at organizing spaces, why not offer your services to people around you and earn some extra money? You’ll be amazed at how many people need this. Again, a site like also helps to put the organizers in touch with people who are looking for these kinds of services. It’s up to you whether you want to work for a professional company or for people who are already in your personal or business network.

20. Clean carpets

carpet-cleaningRent a carpet cleaner at the local hardware store or buy one if you think you can make enough money with it. You’ll probably find that many people are looking for this service, but don’t know where to find someone. You can clean the carpets at the owner’s home or have them steam-cleaned. This depends on how dirty the carpets are and what your relationship with the owners is.

21. Donate blood

donating-bloodDepending on whether your blood type is rare or common, you can earn about to per blood donation. You can also donate plasma. Different states have different minimum requirements, which must be paid when people donate plasma. Plasma donations help people who are fighting against leukemia and other immune diseases. This is a bit more complicated than donating blood and you don’t receive much more than you do with blood donation.

22. Decorate houses for the holidays

home-decorationWhether it’s New Year, Christmas, Easter or any other holiday, you can get paid to decorate houses. This can include putting up lights indoors or outdoors, decorating trees, or decorating tables. Use the internet and social media to find customers or advertise with friends and family. There are many options when it comes to performing special tasks like this.

23. Take part in medical examinations

medical-researchIf you’re not afraid of hospitals, consider participating in medical studies or studies that develop drugs. Companies pay a substantial fee to participants. You need to find the companies that conduct media research and expect side effects. If you can live with that, you can certainly make some quick money.

24. Rent out a room on AirBnB

airbnbAirBnB can be a great platform for renting out a guest room. You can earn a lot of money with it, especially if you live in a tourist destination. If your neighbors don’t mind, this is definitely an option. You can stay with friends and family yourself and if you are really desperate, you can also rent out your entire house.

25. Create small gigs on Mechanical Turk

amazon-Mechanical-TurkMechanical Turk is an Amazon platform where you can offer small jobs, for which you get paid. But don’t expect too much from it. These jobs are really ‘micro’ and range from a few cents to a few dollars. But if you have several gigs, it can still get worse. You don’t need a serious qualification to do this. Usually this means that you click on links, take surveys, give an opinion, perform light categorization or other human intelligence tasks (HITs as they like to call it).

26. Sell your vintage clothing in a second-hand shop

vintage-clothesYou probably won’t get the top prize, but it’s money, so if you’re up, why not – especially if you’re not wearing those clothes anymore. It’s best to sell maternity clothes, old children’s clothes or clothes you haven’t worn in years.


27. Open a cash bonus checking account

cash-bonus-checking-accountContact your local bank to see if they are giving away cash bonuses for opening accounts. Banks usually have these kinds of promotions running, so grab your chance and make some quick money. It won’t hurt the bank and you can quickly earn or – maybe even more – if you really need it. You may need to deposit a minimum amount of money in order to be eligible to open such accounts (but not always).

28. Take out a small loan

moneyYou can take out a small business loan (very small) or a very small personal loan. Depending on your credit, your financial situation and what kind of work you do, you can earn up to a few thousand euros in this way. There are many platforms that offer these small microloans. Of course you have to pay them back, but it can help if you are in trouble.

29. Run a webinar

webinarOK, this may sound tricky, but believe me, webinars are one of the best ways to make quick money. You’re talking to a very committed audience. If you position yourself and what you have to offer correctly, you can make a lot of money in a very short time. GoToMeeting is by far the largest platform. It takes some practice, but you benefit from it quickly.

30. Go wash cars

carwashPeople always want their car washed or polished. You can do this at the customer’s location or you can do it at your home. Contact people you know or make some flyers and put them in the neighbor’s mailbox. If you want to take it seriously, make a one-page website or hand out your business cards. You can earn money quickly with this.

31. Offer hiking tours on Viator

hike-tourIf you live in a country that attracts a lot of tourists, consider offering hiking tours on Viator, one of the largest tour operator platforms in the world. You have to work really hard to get a good reputation. To find customers, offer free guided tours and then ask for a tip at the end. The better you are, the bigger the tip will be. People love to get things for free, but eventually feel obliged to give something in return. That’s why supermarkets always let you taste food. They know that if you like it, you will buy it.

32. Pawn your valuables

jewelryIf you are in a tight spot financially, but money is coming in soon, you can pawn something of value to a bank in order to get a cash loan for it. Of course you have to pay back the loan with interest and only then you can get your items back. If you don’t pay it back in time, you’ll lose the item. If it really is something that has a lot of special value for you, you shouldn’t pawn it. But if it’s something you could do without, you might want to consider it. Especially when you’re in a tight spot.

33. Become a secret shopper

secret-shopperIf you have a good memory, an eye for detail and can report on what you see and experience, then making money as a secret shopper is a piece of cake for you. Becoming a secret shopper is as easy as registering with a company that offers that service. You then go undercover to different stores and you have to report your experience as a customer. You’ll be paid for your insight and while you’re at it, you can enjoy some free meals, free trips and free products. Not only do you earn money and extras, but you also help to set the tone for how real customers should be treated. Find vacancies on Mobeeapp

34. Get paid to listen

listening-musicMusicxray is a platform for singers/songwriters to play their songs and earn money by listening to music. It is a website that puts artists in contact with people who are looking for talent. These artists pay a certain fee to promote their music and build a fan base by sending their songs to the portal and generating followers. Users can sign up as fans to listen to music of their choice. These users or fans are then paid by the website to listen to music from such amateur artists. The recordings are usually only 30 seconds long. Musicxray only pays its users via PayPal. They pay their users at least 10 cents per song. The minimum threshold for a payout is .

35. Become a part-time mover

parttime-moverThis option is more suitable for men, but women can of course move the fragile things and maybe clean them. Moving is usually done on request and you can schedule yourself at a time that suits you best. You can create an account with many moving companies for a fee, mention your services, rates, working hours etc. and then people can hire you for the job.

36. Test websites for money

testing-websitesMany large companies are looking for feedback on the usability of their websites and you can get paid for it. You can earn about 10 cents for an assignment that takes less than a minute, up to – when it comes to larger questionnaires, which will take more time.

At UserTesting you can create an account and start earning cash. All payments are usually made at the end of the month or when you have earned a certain amount through PayPal.

  • WhatUsersDo – pay (or more) per test. Testing takes about 15-20 minutes (you need a Mac or a PC + microphone).
  • Enroll – pays to test websites before they are published. Earnings vary.
  • Userfeel – this company pays about per test.
  • Analysia – the tests take about 15 minutes and you get per test.
  • TryMyUI – the tests take about 15-20 minutes and you get per test.

37. Earn money by tweeting

tweetingIf you have a relatively large number of followers on Twitter, you can get anywhere between and for tweeting sponsored tweets and content to your audience. How much you earn depends on the number of followers you have and some other factors, such as the age of your account. You can earn money with SponsoredTweets & PaidPerTweet.

38. Earn money by entering data

data-entryThis can include copying and pasting content, text editing, data entry, translation and staff data entry. You can work a few hours a day and by the end of the month you will be paid a nice amount of money. Of course, the total payout depends on how fast/good you are. Sign up at ClickWorker and earn fast with some extra money.

39. Distribute leaflets

leafletsIt sounds a bit boring, but some companies offer some neat money for handing out promotional material or distributing leaflets. For example, if you work 4-5 hours in the weekend, you can earn somewhere between – per 1,000 leaflets distributed.

40. Become an online language teacher

online-language-coachDid you know that there is a lot of demand in Asia for people who can teach others English? On sites like teachers can post their rates and services, schedule classes and provide you with material. You can earn – 20 per hour. If English is not your native language, don’t worry, italiki also invites other speakers to join. You need to fill out a detailed application form, have it approved and then create a professional looking profile. You will also need to put online a suitable schedule for your different classes and the price you are asking for. The site takes care of the rest.

41. Get paid to search the internet pays you to use their online interface to search the Internet. To be eligible, you must be prepared to download their search bar and use it for daily internet use. The only thing is, for this “use”, you may be paid out in gift vouchers instead of cash. If you can use these vouchers to buy items you have to buy anyway – such as groceries or gasoline, an online search can be a lucrative way to spend your free time.

42. Go test search engines

google-logoSearch engine reviewers use common search engines to detect any bugs or errors. You may not earn much, but you can do this work in your spare time and from the comfort of your own home. For more information go to Appen Butler Hill.

43. Buy and sell domain names

selling-domainIf you’re good at finding popular but undiscovered domain names, you can make some money by buying websites and then reselling them. Think of it as a trade in digital real estate speculation. Domains are available on for only per year, but are sometimes resold at much higher prices. According to Business Insider, the site sold for million in 2014. Once you have found the perfect domain name to resell, you can also sell it for a fixed price on

44. Earn money with YouTube

youtubePeople who love to be in the spotlight and share their lives online should consider starting their own YouTube channel. Youtubers make a lot of money today! If you are interested and if you have something to say that is interesting, you can use the platform to market connected products, sell products you make yourself or receive advertising revenue for your informal tutorials or entertaining videos. Once the ball starts rolling, YouTube offers a partner program that can help you generate even more revenue with your company. Making money with youtube is nowadays a serious job!

45. Become a virtual assistant

virtual-assistantVirtual assistants offer a wide range of services to their customers, all of which can be completed online. Depending on what has been agreed, they can open and reply to emails, create and post work or blog messages online, write model letters and proposals or enter data. You can search sites such as for features such as a virtual assistant.

46. Work online as an interpreter or translator

online-translatorIf you speak a foreign language, it makes sense to look for work online as an interpreter or translator. Depending on your individual skills, you could, for example, translate blog posts or e-books, translate and work out recorded lessons or speeches for clients, or even interpret live via Skype or any other online video service. And, thanks to the increased use of foreign languages in the United States, this job can really bear fruit. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, national employment of interpreters and translators is expected to increase by 17% by 2026. This is a great way to make money online fast!

47. Manage social media for businesses

social-media-phoneIf you can handle social media well, you may be paid to manage different platforms for others. Many companies are too busy with their daily activities to maintain their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts – and are happy to pay someone with the knowledge and time to do so for them. Ask companies near you if they need someone or take a look at Problogger. This is a great way to make money fast!

48. Work remotely for a call center

call-center-employeeBecause for many call center jobs it doesn’t matter where you live, you can easily earn some money from home with this job. Dozens of sites, including, show vacancies for call center representatives. In the meantime, you should also look at vacancies from companies in your area as this will increase your chances of finding a job.

49. Rent out your car

car-rentingIf you don’t use your car on a daily basis, consider renting it out so you can easily and quickly earn some money. To make some extra money, you can easily rent it out on Turo.


50. Get started as a proofreader

proofreadingAll kinds of companies hire professional proofreaders to check for errors before they post their content. If you’re good at language, this is the ideal job because you can work from home provided you have a good computer and an internet connection.

51. Organize a flea market

flee-marketIf you have a garden or garage and have many items to sell, you can organize a flea. By advertising on local Facebook pages, you don’t have to use the paid newspaper ads and you can keep all profits to yourself. If you don’t have time to advertise everything, try asking customers to ‘make an offer’ or group similar items on fixed price tables (for example, everything on this table is ).

52. Recycle scrap

Recycle-scrapDifferent types of scrap can be taken for cash to scrap heaps throughout the country for recycling. How much you earn depends very much on where you live. Metals, which are usually traded for cash, are aluminum, copper, brass and steel.

53. Rent out a parking space

parking-spotIf you live in the city center and have a spare parking space, you may be able to rent out your parking space in order to earn some extra money. Simply advertise your parking space online and include details such as the location, whether it’s covered or uncovered, and the cost per hour, per week or per month. If you like, you can even download a site like Just Park or the Spot-app to reach even more potential customers.

54. Find a roommate

roommateIf you have a guest room in your house or apartment, looking for a roommate is an easy way to make quick money. Not only does it allow you to split the rent, but other bills, like energy, utilities, cable and the internet as well.


55. Set up a roadside stand

vegetables-marketDepending on where you live, you can earn some money by setting up a roadside stand. If you live near a holiday region, you can sell bottles of water or ice cream. Selling fruit and making juices is also a smart idea if you stand in a busy area.

56. Sign up for clinical drug trials

clinical-researchRegistering for clinical drug trials is an unusual way for people to earn some extra money, but it really works. At, you can explore different clinical trial options in your area. Make sure you read the contract, ask questions and understand what risks you are taking.

57. Mow lawns or shovel snow

garden-cleaningIf you don’t mind spending the winter outdoors, you can shovel snow or mow lawns. With the right tools you can easily start your own business in time. You can contact people in the area or you can offer your services through word-of-mouth advertising, flyers or online bulletin boards.

58. Search for bargains that you can resell

antiqueDo you like antiques or do you have a knack for finding valuables at flea markets or in thrift stores? If so, it might be time to consider finding items or antiques and sell them for a profit. While you’ll need to spend a lot of time looking for items and have some money to buy them, if you know what’s going on, you can easily make a profit.

59. Find a part-time job

parttime-waiter-manIf you really don’t have any money left, it may be time to find a part-time job. Fortunately, shops and restaurants are almost always looking for employees who want to work on weekends, evenings and holidays.


60. Find seasonal work

beach-guardDepending on the season, there are companies in your area that may need someone part-time. This is especially true during the winter, when shops depend on seasonal workers to get through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, for example. And during the summer, temporary employment opportunities range from working in the fields to working as lifeguards and as a caddie on the golf course.

61. Earn money with a hobby

photographyWhile some hobbies cost money, other hobbies can be turned into a profitable business. Ultimately, it depends on what your hobby is and how talented you are. You could use your love of photography, for example, to make part-time family portraits and wedding photos or to sell prints on Etsy or at art fairs.

62. Ask for a pay rise

salary-increaseIf you are not satisfied with the salary you are receiving, asking for a pay increase is a way to make your bank account a little fuller. Most employers hold an evaluation with their employees once a year, which could be the perfect time to ask for a higher salary or, for example, a different allowance or more travel expenses. If your employer doesn’t offer this option, it might be time to look for something else.

63. Ask at work if you can work overtime

overtimeDo you have a busy job? Let your boss know that you are interested in the opportunity to work overtime. In the meantime, it may also be wise to let colleagues know that you are willing to run additional services or take over work from them.

64. Start a bed and breakfast

bed-and-breakfastIf you live in a popular holiday resort or own a historic building, a B&B may be the perfect way to make money in a passive way. Not only can you work from home, but you can also take advantage of a number of tax breaks, but you’ll have to honestly declare your earnings.

65. Start a small business

entrepreneurAre you good at making money? If you know how to mow grass, paint a room or bake pies, starting your own business is a great way to make quick money. Depending on the type of business, you could even do it in your spare time.


66. Create a passive income

louis-vuitton-walletIf you saved money, you can use it as an investment to generate a passive income. There are many ways to create a passive income. The easiest way is to open a savings account with a high interest rate, which offers a much higher return than a normal savings account. Investing in shares can also provide you with a passive income, but requires some research and strict monitoring of your portfolio beforehand.

67. Design websites

website-designWeb designers can earn an average per year. It’s hard to get to that point when you’re working for yourself, but there are many sites that can help you build up your customer base. It is a great way to make money fast!


68. Create podcasts

podcastWhen you create podcasts, you can sell them or use them as an advertising platform. Try to offer an interesting and/or useful series of podcasts anyway. There are several ways to earn money and advertising is the most common one. Once you have collected a significant number of listeners, you can attract advertisers who pay to be mentioned in your podcast. The advertisements in the podcast are usually read out directly by the host.

69. Create and sell courses

courseAre you a self-taught programmer with a talent for simplifying instructions? You could make an online course about it. You may be an expert in acoustic guitar techniques; you can also make a course about it. If you can explain what you specialize in, people will want to learn from you and with Udemy you can create and host courses online. No master’s degree required.

70. Sign up as an online trial jury member

trial-judgeA false or surrogate jury assesses evidence and makes a decision to help lawyers prepare for real cases. The only thing is, you’re usually locked up for a full day in a hotel’s conference room.


71. Publish a book

booksThe world of publishing has changed. More than ever something is expected of a writer and nowadays the writer has to publish the books himself. This means that the work is not finished when the manuscript is sent to the presses (or inDesign). Someone has to promote it on social media and/or at trade fairs and solid book reviews have to be published as well.

72. Become a copywriter or an editor

copywriterContent sites hire freelancers to write and edit articles. You have to work fast to make money online on these sites, because you will earn less than 3 cents per word. But they are great for novice freelancers to make some money and gain some experience.

73. Write blogs

bloggerBlogs usually pay more than content sites. Many blogs pay per post, but many other writers also try to get those assignments. Usually blogs are not for large companies and bloggers can’t afford to have an Indeed entry, so it’s a bit of a search to find paid assignments. It is a great way to make money from home though.

74. Become an affiliate marketer

affiliate-marketeerAffiliate marketing is simple in theory: write emails, blog posts or comments that contain links to sponsored products and when people use your encrypted link to visit and buy something, you get a commission.


75. Write slogans

sloganSeveral websites pay you to write slogans for companies. Some pay cash for each slogan, while others organize competitions that can make a lot of money when you win.


76. Get paid to write greeting cards

wishcardSome of the highest pay-per-word rates for writers can be found in the greeting card industry. Writing texts for greeting cards can earn you hundreds of euros for just five or ten words. But the texts must be funny, smart or unique. They have to be truly original, otherwise you won’t earn much.

77. Participate in writing contests

writingA lot of writing contests pay out in cash. Some of them pay more than for the first place and offer you a publishing contract. A few competitions even award prizes ranging from to .


78. Write resumes (and letters of application)

curriculum-vitaeSome people just hate writing and they especially hate writing resumes. You can help them compile their resume online with the help of free resume creators. Some people charge only for this, but others charge more than .


79. Write for sites and share the revenues

laptop-workAmong the websites that pay for items, you can make some extra money the quickest on those who share the profits. For these sites you don’t necessarily have to be a well-known author. You can write as many articles as you want and if they generate income (i.e. clicks, views, sales or shares), you get a share of it. Some sites pay you 70% of what they earn from your work, while others pay per view or comment. Anyway, if no one reads your article, you don’t earn anything. But at least you’ll get some name recognition and it is a great way to start making money from home.

80. Write reviews

amazon-reviewIf you have a website or blog, you can contact companies that want to pay for reviews on their products. Only accept orders for products that you really like to avoid selling fake reviews. This is a good opportunity to make money from home.


81. Sell coupons online

online-couponsA lot of people sell coupons on eBay to make some extra money. Although you may not make a lot of profit by selling individual coupons, if you sell them in multiples of 10 or so, you can make a lot of money.


82. Sell used video games

old-videogamesThere are plenty of ways to sell used video games and platforms like Ebay and Facebook are all online options where you can offer your games for sale. If you want to avoid the cost of selling video games online, you can still take them to shops. It is an easy way to make money!

83. Ask for money for your friendship

friendshipYou may have heard of selling your friendship on websites such as RentAFriend. Some people claim to earn a week by being a strictly platonic ‘friend’. You can do everything together, from playing tennis with someone to showing off a new resident in your hometown. The usual rate at RentAFriend ranges from to per hour. To advertise, simply mention services such as ‘telephone advice’ and ‘e-mail friend’ on your account page.

84. Look for lost money

euro-coinIn 2017, someone from New York received a message that he had about in unclaimed cash. Of course he thought it was a scam, but it turned out to be true. Although this will not be the case for the vast majority of us, there are still heaps of cash waiting to be found. After you’ve checked all the places at home, you can search for money you’ve lost in different places.

85. Sell tickets

ticketsIn the past, you had to stand outside the door of concerts or sports events to sell tickets, and then it wasn’t even legal. Now you can sell tickets directly from home using online platforms such as Ticketmaster or Ticketswap. If you’re good at predicting which events will sell out, you can buy cheap tickets early and then sell them on with big profits as the event date approaches.

86. Sell your junk mail

mailYes, there really is at least one company that will buy you unwanted email and that is the Small Business Knowledge Center, a market research company. You won’t make much money, but hey, you wouldn’t do anything with it otherwise, would you? For starters, you fill in an application to get on a panel list for consumers. Once you’re approved, they’ll send you self-addressed envelopes where you can put in your unwanted mail. Over time, you’ll accumulate points that can be exchanged for gift vouchers.

87. Sell your Gift Vouchers

giftcardDon’t you hate it when you get a gift voucher for a store you never go to? Instead of leaving it unused in your wallet, you cash it. Depending on where you sell it, it is possible to get more than 85% of the value of the gift certificate in cash.


88. Get started as a calligrapher

calligrapherAre you good at writing by hand? Then sell that skill. Start a calligraphy company because then you can earn up to per package, for example for invitations to wedding cards. The start-up costs can be about for the supplies, but once you’ve really gotten good at what you’re doing, Art Career Project, a website that supports arts education and careers, estimates that you can start earning more than per year.

89. Find a treasure at home

treasurePeople have already found treasures in their attic, valuables under their floors and money in their walls. It’s amazing how many things people hide in and around their homes. Maybe it’s time to start looking for items that the previous owners of your house left behind.

90. Start a photography company for food

cakeHave you ever stared at a picture of food and wondered who actually took it? Well, the answer might be… you. There are many great opportunities when it comes to taking pictures of food! If someone has recipes on his site or writes about food, he also needs a photographer who can capture all that food nicely. It is even true that the photos really sell the food or the recipe. Online shops can put recipes on their sites all day long, but if they don’t show pictures of food, those sales just won’t convert.

91. Teach yoga

yogaIf you have the skills, use them! People are always looking for yoga tips and lessons that are unique and fun. And who knows, you may have a great skill or an idea that you can teach others. It’s a great way to make some extra money. See if there are any gyms around you that need yoga teachers. Or better yet, approach them with your idea for a really cool class and see what they think.

92. Recommend company names

adflix-logoPeople earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month by recommending company names to real companies. It’s a really unique (and, I’ve been told, a fun) way to make money online in your spare time.


93. Become a birthday entertainer

birthday-entertainerFirst of all, who doesn’t like birthday parties? Secondly… There is always cake! But as seriously, if you’re good at entertaining others, you can also make money with it! Why not?! Juggling, face painting, telling jokes… These are all nice ways to earn money and not everyone can do it. You can easily create a niche market for yourself and earn a great income by doing something you are passionate about.

94. Offer yourself to rate new restaurants in your city.

restaurantIf you consider yourself a connoisseur, that’s great. A creative and fun way to make money is to taste food in new restaurants. You can offer to criticize their dishes for a small fee and make a written review, which they can then use for marketing purposes, and so on. Not only can you get paid for this, but you’ll also enjoy delicious food. Sounds to me like a total win-win situation.

95. Make infographics

infographicIf you love graphs and charts and everything related to them, maybe you can start earning your money by making infographics!


96. Bake and sell fresh cookies

cookiesNo one can reject cookies that melt in your mouth, so if you’re good at baking, it’s time to take advantage of this! On holidays and for birthday parties, people need sweet biscuits and other dishes, so this can be an easy way to earn some extra money from home.

97. Learn drop shipping

97-dropshipperLearning how to use drop shipping effectively can be a really lucrative job. If you have the time and energy, this is one of the best ways to make some extra money. It is also becoming more and more popular. And you don’t have to store the inventory.

98. Become a wedding planner

weddingplannerHas anyone ever really had enough of weddings? Always being close to people in love sounds like a great way to make a living, right? Bonus: Pinterest is full of ideas so you’ll never run out of inspiration.


99. Join a customer service team

customer-supportAll you need is a quiet room and great listening skills and then you can start working from home as a customer service representative for a lot of different companies.


100. Become a music teacher

music-teacherSharing love for an instrument with someone near you is a great way to earn some extra money in your spare time. If you can play an instrument well, you can also teach it to someone else.


101. Voice over

voice-over-artistDo you have a cool voice? Take a look around online because there are always several companies that are looking for voice-overs. Click here for more information to become a voice-over artist.


102. Become a personal travel agent

travellerBooking holidays for people sounds like a dream come true! Moreover, all day interaction with people who are excited about a holiday also seems to be a nice work environment.


103. Get started as a headhunter

headhunterCompanies and other businesses are always looking for great employees and if you have a talent to find them, there will be a lot of demand for them!


104. Devise recipes

recipesMagazines and online sites with recipes actually pay money to people who come up with new recipes. If you’re good at cooking and can take great pictures of your recipes, you might also be able to earn a decent income from home.


105. Become a medical transcriptionist

medical-transcriptionistHow fast can you type? If you have the skills to type a large amount of words per minute, the medical field is always looking for employees! You can earn a maximum of per hour.


106. Get your sewing machine fired up

sewingYou really don’t know how many people are looking for a sewer! Jeans, pants and dresses often need to be hemmed or adjusted and believe me there is plenty of work for you if you have a sewing machine!


107. Video Editor

video-editorBelieve it or not, not all the videos you see online were ever so perfect. If you can edit videos, you can start working as a video editor from home, which is a payday job. Think of all the YouTube stars you can help out!


108. Answer emails

emailingDid you know that some businessmen receive so many e-mails that they literally have to hire someone to answer them? If you like to read, write and respond, take a look at this possible idea to get paid for at home!


109. Become a company trainer

company-trainerIf you have the gift of teaching others and are an expert in your field, why shouldn’t you start training? This is something you can do in your spare time, but it can also be a great way to supplement the income of yourself and your family.

110. Work as an accountant

bookkeeperThere are always many individuals and companies who are willing to spend a few hundred euros a year to have someone else fill in their taxes. That someone could be you. There are online tools available and you can find information to improve your skills.

111. Work as a telemarketer

telemarketerMaking money from home can be fun, because you don’t have to commute to work. There are always companies looking for telemarketers.


112. Get started as an accountant

accountantYou probably have a lot of work to do in the period that everyone has to do their tax return, but during the other months of the year you will have a very flexible schedule! In addition, you can hire as many or as few customers as you like.

113. Iron clothes

ironingAlthough this may seem far-fetched, it is actually a service that many people will pay for! They just have their clothes, which need to be ironed, picked up and when you’re done, you bring them back neat and tidy. Could it be simpler than that? And you can easily watch a TV show while ironing.

114. Become a DJ

djingWith the technology available today, you no longer need to go to a studio to make music. If you have a few hours of time every day, you can start your own radio station and go ‘live’ from your own home. Tip: Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and can also be a great way to create your own show!

115. Become a newspaper columnist

newspaper-columnistMany people often forget that newspapers still need writers! Find out if there is a newspaper near you where they are still looking for new columnists!


116. Become a star in scrapbook making

scrapbooksDid you know that mothers all over the world want scrapbooks for all their children, but many of them never have the time to make a scrapbook. Start your own business where you create those memories for them!


117. Give painting lessons

painting-classWake up that artist in you and teach people in your community by giving painting lessons or handicraft lessons what art is. Children and adults love to be creative, but sometimes all they need is that guidance to make it happen.


118. Get started as an event planner

event-plannerEverybody loves a great party, right? How nice would it be to earn your income with parties and events for other people plans! Sounds like a great way to earn money easily from home, right?


119. Design cakes

cake-designerThere is always demand for cakes and cupcakes and if you are good at designing and decorating cakes, there is always work to be found.


120. Work overtime

work-overtimeI’m not a big fan of exchanging your time for money, but sometimes the offer to work overtime is attractive. Ask your boss if you can work some extra hours every week. The extra money you can earn is a waste.


121. Ask for a pay raise

salary-increase-dealIn my opinion, getting a salary increase is more difficult than getting a promotion. Think about it from the perspective of your boss, would you rather a) pay more money for the same work or b) pay more money for extra responsibilities?


122. Get a promotion

job-promotionThis is easier said than done, I know. But if you’re willing to take that extra step and prove yourself to the management, you can work your way up. It is pretty straight forward, but a great way to make more money easily.


123. Watch over a house

house-sittingThis is virtually the easiest way you’ll ever make money. Don’t let the house go up in flames and make sure there are no break-ins. Look at


124. Sell roses on Valentine’s Day

rosesIf you start growing them from mid to late December, you should be able to pick them by 14 February. Stand outside Starbucks or a romantic restaurant on Valentine’s Day and make some quick money.


125. Take part in paid surveys

paid-researchIf you live near a university, there are probably all kinds of studies they need participants for. You can get a minimum of to take part in a study on nutrition, for example, which will take about six weeks.


126. Transcribe audio to writing

writing-textThere are several websites that pay you to listen to audio and then transcribe what is being said. It’s not the best work in the world, but it’s easy and if you want to make extra money in an easy way, this is definitely a viable option.


127. Become a coach or a mentor

coachIf you have experience in a particular area, you may be able to pass on that expertise to others. The possibilities are endless. Think of things like nutrition, business, happiness, relationship and everything in between!


128. Start a window cleaning service

window-cleaning-serviceIt’s not a glamorous job, but almost all companies need it. And you can offer that service.



129. Repair electronics

broken-phonePeople accidentally damage their phones/ tablets/ etc. With a little practice and the right equipment you can easily start your own electronics repair shop. You can do this first from home and make money from there.


130. Sale of leftover items

houseBrowse through the obituaries in the newspaper and then use social media to trace the next of kin. Contact them and offer to help sort, move, and sell the remaining possessions. Be tactful and respect that these families are going through a difficult time.

131. Provide help in the home for the disabled

disabled-people-careYou need a lot of patience and compassion for this, but the rewards go far beyond the extra money.



132. Go take care of dogs

care-for-dogsNow that I think about it, these two need a bath here, too. And I don’t have time to do it today. Is there anyone who is going to offer this service?


133. Work as a referee

refereeLocal sports associations for softball, football, basketball and handball, etc. always need people to be the referee or umpire. To supervise a few games every weekend is a great way to earn some extra money.


134. Start a meal service

mealserviceFor people who care about their health but unfortunately have little time due to their busy schedule, healthy eating during the week can be a difficult task. On ShareTheMeal you could donate a meal to poor people.


135. Start working as a DJ at events

event-djThere are many events that require DJs: weddings, company outings, university parties, and so on. If you have a large selection of music and can tailor it to your audience, getting started as a DJ might be a fun way to make money.


136. Take advantage of the flea market pages on Facebook

home-flee-marketMost cities have at least one Facebook group dedicated to buying and selling old stuff (similar to Craigslist). Every now and then I like to scroll through those pages and I can almost always find something that I can buy cheaply and resell with a decent profit!

137. Find jobs on eBay

Beware of scams on eBay (you shouldn’t have to pay any money in advance for anything. And don’t have to respond to those weird advertisements it’s probably scammers who post them). But there are also many legitimate chores to be found, which can help you to earn some extra money.

138. Deliver newspapers

deliver-papersIt sounds old-fashioned, but delivering newspapers is a great way to get some exercise while also earning some extra money. Pick up the phone, call the head office of the newspaper near you and see where they need delivery boys or girls.

139. Clean up snow or leaves

clean-up-leaves-resultThis goes without saying. But instead of just knocking on the doors when the snow or the leaves are already falling, you can also try to have a few ‘customers’ who will call you when they need you. If a nice little storm is coming, create a Facebook status and tag everyone in your neighborhood.

140. Offer your help for events

event-hostingWould you like to attend fun sports events, concerts, etc. for free and also earn some money? Look for temporary events that require staff.


141. Sell recyclable products

recycleweekUsed glass bottles can be sold for a few cents. This can get really fast, especially if you find a way to scale up your collection efforts.


142. Edit essays

studyingIf you are smart with your marketing and you focus on the right people, you can make a lot of money in this niche. Most parents are more than happy to pay for having a good essay written for their children.


143. Get started as an interior designer

interior-designerAre you good at decorating a room? You can then create a site on which you offer your services and you have to create an Instagram account and let your audience and customers grow online so you get new assignments all the time. Making money on Instagram is nowadays a normal thing as well!


144. Become a photographer

photographerIf you have a passion for capturing moments and relationships, becoming a photographer can be a great way to earn some extra money. All you need is a decent camera and maybe some photo editing software, which you can rent for about /month. Then it’s up to you to find customers. If you prefer not to work with customers, you can also sell your images online and earn some extra money. Landscapes and beautiful pictures of a city are always popular on stock websites and a great way to make money fast.

145. Become a coach/trainer for a specific sport

soccer-coachIf you’re good at a particular sport, there are definitely opportunities to teach (and get paid for) others the basics of the game.


146. Become a notary

notaryIt usually costs you less than a hundred dollars to register, but once you are registered, you can charge others for your work.


147. Profit from your own weight loss

scale-weightIs there a better way to lose weight and get money for it? At HealthyWage you can place a bet and earn extra money when you actually achieve your goals.


148. Get into peer-2-peer borrowing

coinsWith the help of money you lend out, you can make more money. A service like Lending Club is a great way to offer yourself as a lender and earn interest on your money. Lending Club is the world’s largest online credit marketplace that connects borrowers and investors. Essentially, you’re a kind of bank and lend out your money at pre-determined interest rates (which are usually higher than with an average savings account).

149. Design logos

octopus-logoAt Fiverr and Upwork there is always a demand for logo designs. Start by building your portfolio, charge competitive rates and earn extra money by designing logos.


150. Engage in crowdfunding

crowdfundingIf your situation is really bad, you can of course always just ask for money. Be creative though! Like the child who held up a plate during College GameDay and asked his mother for beer money.


151. Participate in online competitions and giveaways

giveaway-badgeUse a separate email address when registering on sites like these, so that you do not appear in the messages at your normal address.


152. Help improve Google

google-logo-oldYou can get money for letting Google know what you do every day. They use the information they collect to help them market products and increase the functionality of their advertising programs. Your information allows them to target users who look like you. Join the Google Opinion Rewards program and start making money.

153. Advertising on social media

influencerDo you have many followers on your personal Instagram, Twitter or other social media account? You can use these followers to earn money. Influencer Marketing is very popular these days because brands are looking for more authentic ways to connect with their target group. Take a look at this (free) Step-by-step guide to influence your industry.

154. Develop an app

app-developmentOf course you will need to have some developer knowledge, but it be quite rewarding. But if you’re not a coding ninja yet, don’t despair.


155. Rent out your electronics via Gearbooker

gearbookerThis is one of my new favorite ways to earn a passive income. Think of it as Airbnb except that instead of renting out your house for a few days, you rent out items like cameras, bikes and scooters. Is your digital SLR just in your closet to be unlocked? Then rent it for a few days on Gearbooker. Do you have a 500 Watt sound system that you think someone needs for their wedding? You can also rent it out on that site.

156. Sales of custom designed T-shirts

desgined-t-shirtsIf you can come up with some cool designs and use Facebook ads to find those who love your designs, you can certainly earn extra money with this job.


157. Buy Bitcoin and refer your friends

bitcoinsCryptocurrencies are hot these days. You can use Bitcoin to buy pizza, pay for your travels and shop online. So why not use this new form of currency to make some extra money for yourself?


158. Invest your savings

laptop-savingsDepending on your age, with a balanced investment portfolio, you can earn around 7% interest per year. Do you have in savings? Then you’ll miss out on per year if you don’t start investing.


159. Make sure that your credit costs you nothing

small-coinsA bad credit rate can cost you hundreds of euros a year. Fortunately, you can earn back that money by looking for favorable rates.


160. Go shopping for other people

groceriesPeople who don’t have much free time like to outsource tasks. Shopping is one of them. In addition to the people who have a busy schedule, there are also the physically handicapped and the elderly, who have difficulty leaving the house.

161. Become an inspector

house-inspectorThere are companies in the insurance industry where people can register to take pictures with their phone and do the inspections for the company. For example, if there was a car accident and the insurance company wants to check the damage to the vehicle, they send someone to take pictures. The company saves money so they can pay you. And because you can make a lot of money, people are motivated to get out there. It’s a win-win for everyone!

162. Become a style consultant

style-consultantDo you have a sense of style and do you want to earn some extra money? Then earn a little extra as a style consultant. Charge an hourly rate to go shopping with customers and give them advice and outfit ideas. Some customers are also looking for some emotional support while shopping. Some customers just need help finding the perfect outfit for a party or to go to work with, while others may need help defining their personal style and eventually want to buy a whole wardrobe! I love working with different customers of different ages and styles and seeing the look on their faces when they find something they really love.

163. Get started as a chat agent

style-consultantYou know that chatbot with a message like: “Hello, how can I help you today?” When you’re on a website and you assume it’s a chatbot, right? But often it’s a real person. A chat agent helps customers solve problems online. All it takes is to have a computer and to be able to type because otherwise it can be done from the comfort of your home, which is a bonus.

164. Become a food tester

test-foodThis is a call to all connoisseurs! Did you know that you can make money by taking part in taste tests? The process is quite simple: you complete a questionnaire (online or over the phone because they sometimes call you) and if you are eligible for the taste test, just choose one of the available days and times. You never know which fast-food/restaurant you’re going to taste in until you arrive and start the taste test. After the taste test has finished, you will receive your money immediately.

165. Charge Bird or Lime-S electric scooters

lime-scootersHas your city been taken over by electric scooters from Bird and Lime-S? Whether you like them or really hate them, you can easily make money by charging them at home while you sleep!

This is how it works:

  • Drive around in the car and collect the scooters with an empty battery
  • Take them home to charge them at night.
  • Bring them back the next day and get paid for your work

First download their apps to become a Bird Charger or Lime-S Juicer rider. The reward for picking up and charging each scooter is between and and it’s like a fun GPS quest because you’re up against other hunters. If you have a van and can pick up 10 every evening, that’s an extra – or more per day!

166. Dress up like Jesus

jesus-hdThis man records videos of himself, dressed like Jesus, and praises whatever you want. Your undertaking. Your song. It doesn’t matter! And he sees his bank balance grow… He asks at least and has already had more than 10,000 customers. I’m not saying that you should imitate him, but you too can be creative!

167. Give cooking lessons

cooking-classAre you a good cook? Have you ever thought about teaching others how to cook? You can earn extra income by teaching children, pensioners or men with no experience how to prepare a healthy meal.


168. Go pick up garbage from parking lots.

trashSounds crazy, doesn’t it? Meet Brian Winch, who with a investment set up a company that revenues a year by collecting waste from others in business parking lots. The great thing about this idea is that you don’t have to quit your daily job to get started. In short, you offer to clean up litter and you get money for it. You don’t need expensive equipment, just a broom and a waste collection tool. You don’t need a university degree. You work with companies that have been hired by shops, offices and warehouses.

169. Sell your hair

long-brown-hairSelling your hair can be a creative solution to make more money! How much can you make with it? It depends on the length, thickness and color of your locks, but nevertheless it is definitely an easy way to make money. You’re not a hair factory, so it’s not a consistent revenue stream, but it can give your bank balance a nice boost because you can earn at least a few hundred euros each time. You can get a rough estimate of how much your hair is worth here.

170. Start a blog

start-a-blogIf you have something interesting to say, chances are people will want to read it! Making money with blogging is a full time job today. The beauty of a blog is that you can concentrate on almost any topic you want. If you are a great cook write a food blog. Or maybe fashion is your true love. If you are passionate about fitness and nutrition, start with a health blog. Using tools like Google AdSense to become an affiliate marketer and even a brand ambassador or influencer can have a big impact on your audience and the money you earn.

171. Clean up those old movies, music and electronics

electronicsWake up the inner minimalist in yourself and clean up all those dusty DVDs or CDs that are stored in boxes under your bed.


172. Rent out your baby stuff

baby-mountainbikeDo you have baby stuff that takes up space in your garage, but you don’t want to get rid of it just yet? After all, you might want to have a baby… at some point. Why not rent it out instead of selling that high chair or buggy?


173. Sell your children’s clothes

baby-clothesLet’s face it. Those little ones are growing out of their clothes faster than you can keep up with. When it’s time to get rid of the clothes that have become too small, you have a few options. Sell them at a flea market, sell them to a shipment store or offer them for sale on social media.

174. Return printer cartridges

printercartridgesReturn your empty printer cartridges to office supplies stores such as Office Depot, Staples, etc. for free too good.



175. Stroll through flea markets

flea-marketsIf you have a nose for bargains, use it. Visit the nearest flea market and buy some interesting items, repair them, add your special touch and sell them for a profit. Think of repainting tables or framing art. Turn waste into a treasure. If you need ideas, check out Pinterest. It’s full of ideas and you’ll be amazed at how many people pay for a custom baby room lamp or a 70s repainted chair.

176. Sell your antiques or old stuff

antique-closetDid you collect things when you were younger or do you have items from your old home that don’t match the style of your new home? Then sell them. If some items are antiques or collectibles, make sure you have them valued. Otherwise, you may be able to sell some rare items at far too low a price.

177. Rent your studio space and musical instruments

drumsIs your guitar in the corner of your room because you’re not using it? Then earn some extra money by renting it out. You can also do this with other musical instruments, such as amplifiers, microphones, harps, or rent out your rehearsal room or studio.

178. Sell your own sperm

baby-toyBelieve it or not, but many people sell their body fluids. And donating sperm can be a great way to make some extra cash. But there is a catch. The donor needs to qualify. Qualifications include height, physique, attractiveness, blood type and sexual preferences.

179. Selling foreign pets

jellyfishThis, of course, refers to legal pets. Although the payment for pets on the black market can be tempting, the consequences can be serious. You don’t want to follow that route. There are many people who have earned a respectable income by selling strange but legal pets. A jellyfish is a pet that is in great demand and generates a fair amount of money. There is also a lot of demand for butterflies. In fact, there are many specialized animals and insects that sell people and make an incredible amount of money.

180. Unusual subscription services

sock-subscriptionThe technology has contributed to a higher level of user-friendliness. Everything you want is now available for online purchase and delivery. You can have everything you want at your fingertips. There’s a man in Switzerland who started a corporate socks subscription service.

181. Rent yourself out as a friend

rent-a-friendYeah, renting a friend is a thing. There are people who rent themselves out for all kinds of reasons. Attending various activities, trips, functions and events. Some people even charge an hour or more to be a hired friend.


182. Bitcoin mining

bitcoin-miningMining Bitcoins, as well as Bitcoins themselves, raises a lot of questions. What are bitcoins and how are they created through a mining process? Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency, a kind of decentralized currency, based on blockchain technology. The value of a bitcoin fluctuates, sometimes significantly.

183. Be a medium

mediumIt pays off to be a medium. In particular to be a medium for pets. It is clear that many people are interested in contact with their deceased pets. However, this is not the kind of thing you go to school for. If you think you have what it takes, this is a good way to earn some easy cash.

184. Korean ‘Mukbang’

mukbangThis job is one of the most unusual. There is this phenomenon in Korea where people record themselves while sitting and eating. However, even by American standards, they consume an unusually large amount of food. They sometimes do this in the course of a few hours, while commenting on it all. They then sit, eat, talk and chat with viewers who see them sitting, eating and talking. Presumably, the best paid mukbang earns about a year. That’s just for eating and talking. But without a training routine, such a massive calorie intake may cause weight gain. Health problems could end up hampering the whole crazy production.

185. Offer help with a hangover

detox-juiceThere’s an Australian couple with a brilliant idea. They offer exactly what their name says: help with a hangover. Did you throw a big party and do you have to clean up quickly? Is ‘a couple of beers’ with a couple of friends while the woman was away turned into a wild house party? Just call these people! They offer a cleaning service, but also prepare breakfast and bring Powerade. When they’re done, no one will ever know what happened.

186. Services for stoners

stoned-spongebobThis one also speaks for itself. Because marijuana is legal in several countries, many services meet the needs of people who participate in their new legal bliss. Some examples are hotels and cafes that advertise as pot friendly. There are even marijuana tourist companies. You can have monthly boxes of marijuana products sent to your door. And there are even dating sites for stoners.

187. Collect poison from snakes

poisonous-milkerThis requires a certain kind of person. But people can make money by milking poisonous snakes for their poison. Many companies use it to make or add antidotes to medicines to treat many types of medical conditions in humans. Anyone who does this for a job needs extensive experience in dealing with toxic reptiles.

188. Get paid for being healthy

healthy-green-smoothyThe health app AchieveMint gives you tips on staying healthy and doing things like walking, keeping track of what you eat or taking part in health checks. You earn points, which can be exchanged for cash or gift vouchers. For every 10,000 points you get and there’s no limit in how much you can earn. AchieveMint connects to the fitness apps that you may already be using, including Fitbit, RunKeeper, Healthkit and MyFitnessPal.

189. Cancel unused subscriptions

iphoneWe waste a lot of money on subscriptions that we no longer use. When was the last time you went to the gym? You can’t participate in everything. You may not even realize that you are paying for these things. It would be nice to have an assistant searching your bank statements to find these things. But then you need and you’re probably too broke to hire an assistant. That’s why Trim can help you. It searches your transaction history and looks for subscriptions to magazines, gym memberships or food delivery services that you don’t use. They will cancel everything you no longer want to pay for.

190. Negotiate your debts and reduce your monthly payments.

business-dealDid you know that credit card companies will write off part of your debt if you are in trouble? Imagine if you could reduce an account from to by just calling them and asking if anything can be waived.


191. Open an e-commerce shop

ecommerce-webshopIf you are currently selling products, expand your market by opening an online store via Shopify. The website makes it easy to create and manage a nice looking e-commerce store.


192. Get started as a model

modelLocal photographers or companies pay people to be photographed for their portfolios or catalogues. Search online or in desired advertisements to see if models are being searched for in your area.


193. Rent out storage space

store-roomIf you don’t have an extra room available, but you do have a lot of space in your attic or basement, you can rent it out for storage.


194. Become a handyman

handymanRepairing things isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But with a little bit of technical knowledge you can offer yourself as a handyman and earn some money by repairing or maintaining things or homes of people near you.


195. Get started as a professional organizer

proffesional-organizerIf cleaning toilets isn’t your thing, but organizing closets is, offer your organizational services. People will pay good money to clean up their mess.


196. Perform

bandIf you play a musical instrument, such as the guitar or the piano, look for advertisements that are looking for talent to play in restaurants, bars or at events. Make your hobby your profession.


197. Get started as a painter

painterPainting is a very time-consuming task for homeowners, so offer to paint their walls and ceilings or outside fences for them.


198. Clean swimming pools

pool-cleaningIf you live in an area where most homes have a swimming pool, you can go through the doors and let us know that you offer cleaning services for swimming pools. You can make good money with an afternoon’s work!


199. Take away old furniture

moverPeople often want to get rid of furniture, but don’t know where to take it. If you have a van that can transport an old bench or table, offer to take it to the garbage dump for a fee.


200. Work as a brand ambassador

brand-ambassadorCompanies pay people to become ambassadors for their brands. You can be paid to offer samples or distribute products at local events.


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