Is your smartphone almost slipping out of your sweaty hands? It could just be. It is practically tropical summer weather! A bit too hot for you?   A few survival tips.

1. Drink!

Always have a bottle of water with you. Always drink something, even if you are not thirsty. Because you sweat a lot, you quickly lose moisture unnoticed. Because of this you can dry out quicker.

2. Dress in summer style

It may sound logical, but still: put on light, thin clothes. Something that the wind can blow through. Are you gothic? Then change your style temporarily. Black clothes absorb heat. If you get overheated, you can’t concentrate any more. You get tired, dizzy and can get a big headache.

3. Select a tropical pace

sun beach

Take it easy this week. Your body has to work hard to get rid of the heat. If you also put in a great effort, it will be very tough. It is better not to spend too much time outside between noon and four in the afternoon. This is when the sun is at its strongest.

4. Avoid the sun

In addition to temperature, there is also such a thing as solar power. That is the amount of UV radiation that you get on your skin when you go outside. The solar power is very strong this week. If you do not apply yourself, you will burn within fifteen minutes. So try to hang around in the shade as much as possible. Are you still in the sun? Then apply a lot of sunscreen.

5. Keep your house cool

When it is warm and windless for days on end, the temperature in the house also rises. Especially if you live in the city. Make sure it stays as cool as possible inside. Close the curtains when the sun shines on the windows and open a window in the evening and at night when it gets cooler.

6. Watch out for pets (and your grandmother!)

Many animals cannot get rid of the heat as easily as we do. This makes the heat extra risky for them. So don’t leave your dog in the car for a while if you run an errand. Never put your rabbit or guinea pig in the sun. Oh yes: keep an eye on your grandma and grandpa too. Older people are less able to withstand tropical temperatures than younger people.

7. Hat on

Another nasty heat ailment: heat stroke. Your head is just like a flat roof. You can compare your brain to a hot attic. If the sun shines on it, things can quickly overheat. So put on a cap when you are out for a long time.

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