When it gets dark outside in the old days and there is a chance of frost during the night, you may notice that your sunny summer mood makes way for a crappy mood. A permanent crappy mood. Maybe you suffer from a winter dip. Annoying, but luckily you can deal with it. How? Buzzinspired gives tips!

First off:

Handy in advance: scientists suspect that such a winter dip is caused by too little light. Secretly, light is very important. It controls your biological clock. This “clock” indicates when you want to sleep, wake up or eat.

The short and dark winter days ensure that your biological clock gets confused. All the rhythms in your body become unbalanced. For example, it produces too much melatonin (sleeping substances), because it takes longer before it is light outside. The result: you feel extremely tired early in the day, but also super moody and gloomy. Concentration is difficult and suddenly you prefer to eat all day long.

Recognisable? Read these anti-winter dip tips!

1. Go outside (at least very briefly)

Yes, even when the rain falls from the sky all day long and you prefer to just stay comfortable under a warm blanket on the couch. Just “get a breath of fresh air,” as your mother might say. It will guarantee an energy boost.

2. Try to eat healthier

oatmeal with fruit healthy food

Do vitamin pills help against a winter dip? Opinions are divided on this. Therefore you should go for ‘normal’ vitamins. You can find them in the (otherwise untouched by you) fruit bowl. For example, go for summer fruit or throw an apple, kiwi and banana in the blender and gulp them up!

Also important: good breakfast. Even if you don’t feel so hungry in the morning, you should still try to put something in your mouth. With this you bring the body into ‘daytime mode’.

3. Keep moving!

Instead of taking the stuffy bus, just take the bike to school. Admittedly, it might be a cold, wet and slippery ride. But after a lot of work, you do appear fresh and energetic at school, ready for that long lesson.

4. Look forward to something

Don’t feel like having friends around you? Yet they are very important. So don’t let them suffocate – even when you feel extremely drowsy! Do it: do things together that will make you happy. Does that mean you have to bake cookies for an afternoon? Sounds good!

5. Sleeping in is not done

alarm clock

Being hard on yourself can’t hurt, right? So, just give it a try: getting up before eight o’clock, even on the weekends. It will help your biological clock to wake up your body, scientists claim.

6. Less stress, more chill

Sure: last-minute studying is possible, but it’s not very smart. Plan ahead, that’s smart. An advanced planner schedules his or her days in such a way that he/she has enough time to relax each day. This will give you a peace of mind and makes you feel less dull.

7. Transform that dark bedroom

cozy bedroom

Light is the best medicine for a winter dip. Making your bedroom a home theater during the day may be right sometimes, but just open the curtains again after the film. Does your room stay dark? Try to stick a crazy color on the wall.

8. Think of things that make you happy or that went well that day, every day

That may sound like baloney, but it doesn’t have to be. List all your daily moments of happiness in your head before you close your eyes in the evening. You may find it a little awkward in the beginning, but if you push yourself to do it anyway, you will probably notice that it is especially nice.

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