The first (wet) snowflakes have already been spotted and winter seems to be on its way. The unpredictable Dutch weather can suddenly change, so you’d better be well prepared with a few warm snow boots from Snowbootsexpert. In this blog we’ll tell you what to look for when you’re finding your perfect snow boots.

Choice of materials

The first thing to look at is the material. You can choose from leather or synthetic variants, each with its own benefits. Leather snow boots are durable and can take a beating. They also keep your feet extra warm, are waterproof and easy to clean. Synthetic snow boots, on the other hand, have the advantage of being lighter and more flexible.


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Besides keeping your feet warm, you also want to keep your feet dry. So make sure your boots are made of waterproof material or have Gore-Tex. This is a special membrane that breathes and prevents water from getting through. You can read more about this technique here.


Also check the snow boots’ height. A low model is often more flexible than a high model. But it’s harder for snow to get into high snow boots and they keep a larger part of your leg warm.


You’ll be wearing extra thick socks and pants in your snowboard boots. So make sure you keep enough room for this and don’t buy your boots too small. But oversized snow boots are not a great idea either. Of course you don’t want to lose them on a long walk! Another tip is to make sure you have proper fastening, allowing you to put them on tightly.

The deeper the profile, the more grip you have. So pay attention to the sole to prevent you from slipping. The thickness of the sole is also important, because a thicker sole provides extra protection against the cold.

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