Giving gifts may be even more fun than getting gifts! Pay attention to the gift you pick out for someone. Especially if that person is your boyfriend. But what do you give to your boyfriend? It is not always easy to think of something original. Especially when your boyfriend already has everything. Thank god there are still loads of cool gadgets to be found on the internet!

This article will help you find the perfect gift for your boyfriend. For every occasion.

Step-by-step plan for finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend

To find a suitable gift you need to proceed step by step. After all, you don’t give the same gift to your brother or father as you do to your boyfriend, right? Go through the steps below to find a suitable gift.

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What is the reason for giving a gift?

Is it his birthday, did he graduate from college, did he get a promotion at work, is it Father’s Day or do you just want to surprise him with something special?

What type of man are you looking for a gift for?

Is he sporty, adventurous, quiet, a reader, a gardener, a homebody or a party animal?

What is your boyfriend’s style?

Does he like sleek and modern or more of a classic style?

What does he like to do most?

Does he like to go out in nature or would he rather go to a museum?

What is the budget for the gift?

Are you giving the gift alone or with friends or family? Determine your budget in advance.

Should it be a physical gift or an outing?

Do you prefer to give something that is useful, that he can use or that he likes? Or would you rather choose a fun activity that you can do together?

Make it personal!

Include a special card, a Father’s Day poem or a drawing (by the children) with the gift. This will make the gift extra special.

A gift for every type of man


When you start looking for a gift for your boyfriend, thinking about what type of man you are dealing with is an important step. Below are some ideas for gifts by type.

  • For the sporty guy, surprise him with a sporty gift. Let him take his sports activities to the next level with a fitness tracker, a pair of athletic shoes or a cool outfit.
  • Surprise the adventurous man with an activity like bungee jumping or paragliding. But you can also take him on a weekend camping in the wild!
  • For the bookworm, of course you give him a book. Make sure he doesn’t already have the book you want to give him!
  • The man with green fingers you give of course something for the garden. Maybe he can add a nice fruit tree or he needs a certain gardening tool.
  • For the design fan, you can give him a modern item for his home or desk. A valuable gift of wood, for example a decorative wooden object, will definitely make an impression.

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