How do you choose the perfect perfume? There are so many different perfumes available that it is not an easy choice. Not only that, perfumes can smell different depending on your skin type. To make your choice a little easier, here are five tips!

1. Test many different samples

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Looking for the perfect perfume? Then it’s a good idea to try out many different kinds of fragrances. Try out some different fragrances and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You may have always thought fruity scents would suit you, but now you find out that floral scents or unisex perfume are actually a much better match. This is not surprising: as we age, our hormones and skin type change. And this affects the way we smell. This means that perfumes that used to smell really good might not suit you anymore. And perfumes that you didn’t like before might be a perfect match now. So don’t be afraid to try something new!

2. Test fragrances on your skin, not on a test strip

Many shops provide test papers on which you can spray a little of the perfume. But because perfume reacts differently on each skin, it is wiser to spray the perfume directly on your body (even if it means risking a sweet smell for the rest of the day). For example, perfume often smells stronger on oily skin and other fragrance notes may emerge. It’s best to spray the perfume on your wrist. The skin is very thin here, so your body gives off more heat. This ensures that you can smell the perfume extra well.

3. Understand how perfume is made

Each perfume is made up of different notes. In general, you can speak of the “top notes”, the “heart notes” and the “base notes”. The combination of these different notes creates a layered perfume. The top notes are the lightest. This is the quickest scent to smell when you open the perfume bottle, but also the quickest to disappear. Often these are spicy and citrus scents. The top notes are then replaced by the heart notes, which form the actual core of the perfume. These are often floral scents. Finally, there are the base notes. These last the longest, on the skin they can be smelled for at least several hours and in clothes they can be smelled for several days. These are often woody fragrances. Because a perfume can change its scent, the following tip is also very important.


4. Don’t buy the perfume straight from the shop, but wait a while

When you find the perfect perfume, it might be tempting to buy it right away and take it home. But since the scent can still change, it’s better to be patient and wait at least a day. The scent you smell in the shop is mainly the top notes. A few hours later, you can only smell the real essence of the perfume. So spray some on your wrist, go home and keep smelling every so often. After a few hours, are you still happy with what you smell? Then you have found the perfect perfume! You can go back to the shop, or search the internet.

5. Ask other people for their opinion

Not all noses are the same, which means that not every perfume smells the same to everyone. Of course you buy the perfume for yourself (you have to walk around with it in the end), but it is also nice when other people think you smell good. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to ask your lover or your friends for their opinion. Don’t have people around when you’re shopping? Then you can always look up some perfume reviews online. See what other people have to say about the perfume and how they feel about it.

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