With the novel coronavirus haunting us back and forth with fear, terror, and uncertainty, there is no other option left than to stay at home! But even with working remotely, there is a chance that you might get burned out by limiting yourself to the confines of your room. What else does your routine involve other than waking up and working for half of the day only to get in bed and Netflix in the same PJ’s you have been in all day?

Since you are staying at home all the time, there is another impressive goal that you can achieve! You can give your home a complete makeover all by yourself (okay, family included) by either styling your bedroom walls with a bold color or the den with a new upgrade.

Mentioned below are a couple of ways that can help you get started with DIY home renovations at once!

1) Replace Your Flooring!

wooden floor

Now is the time to upgrade your cracked flooring with styles that DIY home renovators swear by! Our go-to choice is laminate flooring due to three reasons.

One, it is refined and gives a subtle, wood effect that looks like the real deal. Two, It is scratch-and-stain resistant and can protect itself against moisture. If you live in a household with crawling toddlers and children, now is the time to replace your flooring and prevent further wear and tear! And three, you can Do-It-Yourself at home!

But, if you are not sold yet, you can switch to vinyl floor because they are long-lasting and authentic, soft to walk on, and of course, simple to install yourself at home! Plus, we all know how annoying acoustic flooring is! Vinyl flooring helps you concentrate on your work by shielding unwanted noise from stomping feet or cackling heels!

2) Design your WorkStation

macbook computer

You have a meeting on Zoom with your entire team in the morning. But, you do not have a designated workstation to do so. Even as you work with your laptop on your lap, you feel more distracted and lose focus with poor concentration. Since working from your bedroom is never an ideal choice, how about we bring your office at home for you?

All you need to do is choose a corner of your den or lounge that has adequate lighting so that you can work without squinting. Your shortlisted corner should be the place where you can work without being disrupted occasionally. Since you will have to plug in your laptop, phone charger, and wi-fi, consider the part of your room, which has adequate power sources and points.

Place a soft board on the wall and pin to-do lists to create a more professional aura. Put a couple of pen holders and a lamp on the table along with a coaster for your coffee, of course! Lastly, place a couple of notepads on the table so that you can note down information from your meetings without having to get up.

We are sure that these Corona times have been tough, but now is the time to learn that skill you have always wanted to! With so much time on your hand, you can take up cooking and learn a new dish every alternate day, or plug into the internet to learn a new social skill as well!

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