Isn’t sports really healthy for your body? That is certainly true, especially when you calculate your calorie requirement and eat exactly what you need to make sure your fat percentage will drop.

But there have been studies showing that you have to approach things differently in the gym! The gym is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and fungi. We also did not expect the gym to be harmful to you, but it really is!

Your towel can make you very sick

You probably have some questions about this article now and we understand that. But the use of your personal towel to clean all equipment with can be very harmful to you. The use of your towel exposes you to harmful bacteria, which means that ‘the gym’ can be harmful to you. So when you think you are friendly, tidy and clean, you have the chance to become very ill. Research has shown that there are roughly 360 times more bacteria on equipment in the gym than on the average toilet. Among other things, bacteria that can cause pneumonia and blood poisoning have been found on sports equipment.

The machines that a huge number of people use and touch, such as the dumbbells, yoga mats and cycling equipment are pretty nasty and make the gym harmful to those who do not pay attention. Anyone who cleans the machine after his sports session still leaves bacteria on the device. You then take this with you on your towel.

Suddenly the spray that is hanging everywhere starts to sound a lot more appealing, doesn’t it?

heavy weight gym

The solution may seem extreme, but according to microbiologists it is by no means an exaggeration

What should you do to avoid getting sick from your daily gym session? Microbiologists recommend cleansing your hands with disinfectant gel after each session. This seems extreme, but washing your hands every time doesn’t really work if you’re busy. In addition, everyone should use the disposable wipes if they are available. You can immediately dust off your phone, because there are also ones with lots of bacteria on them!

Do you still want to keep using your own towel? Sure, no problem ! But make sure that it goes in a separate bag after you exercise. Especially if it no longer smells fresh, it is an important sign that bacteria are growing. This way your personal belongings will stay clean. You also have to wash it every day, but you probably already did that.

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