The Jose Maria Anton Mencion a la Inititiva Educativa award was recently given to a corporate social responsibility initiative GITGE Educa, a GITGE (Gestor de Infraestructura de Telecomunicaciones de Guinea Equatorial) company that provides high speed internet access to public schools in the country for free. The international organisation Virtual Educa is responsible for this acknowledgement and it was formed solely for promoting innovation in the education sector. Their core objective is to promote social transformation and to achieve sustainable development mainly in areas of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The fiber optic connection in the country is commercially managed by GITGE Equatorial Guinea and makes sure that companies, institution and the entire population enjoy high speed internet access and all other advantages it comes with. You can visit the GITGE website for more information about the Company’s services, social programs GITGE Educa, GITVE conectate and TEG CAMPUS.

Education in Africa as a result of the restructuring done by GITGE Educa


Part of this initiative is the donation of special computer classrooms to all the centers and growth of technological programs and activities all through the academic year. The objective of this is to make sure there is great advancement of educational system in the country and gradually measuring up to that of other developed countries. All this is made possible because of the commitment to technology and communication infrastructure.

Being part of the program makes it possible for educational centers to gain access to the fiber optic internet and for students and members of the institution to enjoy free Wi-Fi. Two of the previous involvements by GITGE in the year 2020 were internet connection of the BATA UNGE and connection of the Carlos Luanga School.


Every center that GITGE is responsible for their connection can now provide an educational environment that is supported by technology for all students both the young and mature ones. The idea is to see that there is development in the country while building a sustainable future through a population that is better equipped to improve its growth and well-being.

This is a very effective program and is still ongoing, looking for new companies that would like to participate in this tech project with the purpose of encouraging new standards in education. The goal by 2021 is to see that 10 new schools are connected to the network.

Virtual Educa wanted to acknowledge the opportunity and capacity of this social process of GITGE that affects the whole country and that which will improve the education and development of its populace to a better level. Virtual Educa supports projects like the GITGE initiatives in its goal to bring about social transformation and sustainable growth, specifically In areas that need it the most.

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