Electric vehicles are not the future, it is here and now. How are we able to make a statement like this? If we look primarily at the automotive industry, we see that Tesla is more worth than old heroes BMW and Ford. Those are not the least respected and valuated brands in the industry. Also in the scooter (sometimes called moped) industry the electric counterparts are gaining territory.

We noticed one new scooter brand, Blitss, that has a unique way of offering their scooters. They created their Body & Heart model, where they are selling their scooters and leasing their batteries and service subscription based. In our perspective this has delivered some advantages over a more traditional way of buying scooters:

1. The initial amount of getting a scooter is reduced big time.

2. With the Heat subscription all uncertainties about the battery and repairments are taken away of the customer

3. This subscription can be (de)activated on a monthly basis, so you only pay for the months you want to drive your electric scooter

4. Per driven kilometre you save money. To compare this with gas-fuelled scooters, electric scooters are 10 times cheaper than the already economically scooter.

white electric scooter

Credits: Blitss

Also apart from this model, electric scooters have advantages over their counterparts in general. They begin to look nice and people associate them with style and class. Also, the driving-experience is way smoother. But also some facts speak in their advantage:

1. An electric scooter gives no air pollution

2. Electric scooters are really cheap to drive

3. No noise which especially in big cities can add up to noise pollution for gas-fuelled scooters.

We expect these fast, smooth and classy rides to gain momentum the coming years and looking forward to seeing more of them on the roads around the world.

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