If you have postponed decorating your house, 2019 may be the year to change that. Now that there are several wonderful trends going on and starting to become more popular, this is the time to create something special with your home decoration.

Statement furniture

Accent/statement walls are being replaced by statement furniture: one very striking piece in the room that is an absolute eye catcher. This can be achieved by a striking print or color. Choose a hint to the 70s with a round sofa in your living room. Shaped furniture seems to make a comeback in 2019. It looks great from every angle and brings flowing lines that soften the “angular” of a room.

Statement floors

wooden floor

Another place to get attention is the floor. You have probably noticed that chevron and herringbone patterns are becoming popular again, but you can do so much more.

Jewel tones

One of the color trends this year in home decoration consists of deep, rich, invigorating jewel tones. Pantone has proclaimed ultraviolet as the Color of the Year, so expect lots of tasty colors such as sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red and amethyst purple. If you find these variegated colors to be too much, add some flavor by using cushions or a rug.

Shade on top of shade

wooden black interiour

Monochrome is still in fashion, as well as black and white, another way to do monochrome (which actually means one color) is by matching shades to shades. Decorate your entire room in the same color family. Take a color and only vary in the hardness or softness of the color. This look does require the necessary discipline because it is very easy to go a step too far or lose the balance between the different shades.


Metallic colors have been around for a while. We slowly withdraw from the rosé-gold and brushed silver colors and see a rise of bronze. The slightly older look works well with vintage, or as a juxtaposition with the ultramodern decor.

New neutral shades

natural lights

Neutral shades this year consist of stony colors such as charcoal and slate.

Wabi Sabi

It was already coming in 2018 and it is expected that this will be one of the biggest changes in home decoration in 2019. “Wabi Sabi” is the Japanese art of discovering beauty in imperfection. Everything that is made by hand, or painted by hand (such as linen, earthenware, art and knick-knacks) is completely in fashion. You can show your artistic side and get to work yourself and remember: it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Up-cycle furniture

The great thing about up-cycle furniture and the reason that it is becoming more common in home decoration is that it offers you a clean slate. You can pick out an old piece of furniture to start with and apply any type of pattern, color and style we mentioned above and it will look fantastic. Pinterest is a great source for great ideas to start with. Up-cycling also helps to reduce your ecological footprint because you reuse things as if they were “recycled”.

Soft natural light

Natural light is always stylish, but it is becoming very popular nowadays to filter and soften this light through the use of glass curtains. This style of window treatment has undergone tremendous development since the nets that were hanging in front of your grandmother’s windows. All kinds of colors and patterns are now available.


The floral style for 2019 is big and bold, in contrast to traditional and feminine.

Curtains and window shades

curtains dinner room

As you can see above, the colors and patterns for 2019 are bold flowers, jewel tones and dark stone neutrals. Another tough trend can be found in geometric shapes. Curtains and windows shades are the ideal way to immerse a room with these trends. How about applying different layers in your window decoration? Roller blinds or glass blinds paired with blinds that fall over them or are decorative on the side.

Natural accents

Slightly in line with the wabi sabi trend, natural accents have a place in home accessories in 2019. Wooden bowls, geodes, crystals and vases made of concrete with dried flower bouquets. Keep an eye on two things, do not over do it and stick to “earth objects”, do not get anything out of the sea.

Art gallery & world maps


Even a minimalist can appreciate many photos or artworks on the wall. Take different sizes and enjoy the fuss that arises or hang a number of pieces centrally and symmetrically on the wall. Also adding a world map canvas to the wall could add something special to the atmosphere. You could even think about a world map wallpaper for the children rooms. A large world map on canvas is nowadays very popular and could be styled in different ways.

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