1. The psychology of colour

Great chance that you have a reasonable basic colour setting in your home. White, black, gray, maybe a little wood: all very safe and quiet. Although a wooden floor can really lift up the house, there are more colours than mentioned above. Colour is very important, did you know that different colours can trigger a different psychological reaction? By playing with the elements of colour, you give your living space a boost. Even as a man it can be motivating to bring some colour into your living environment. This can be done through accessories, furniture, plants or rugs. We have listed a number of different colours and their effects.

  • Blue and grey: It works soothing, so it is ideal for use in your bedroom.
  • Red: Will pump your blood faster and gives energy. Ideal for places like the living room, dining room or maybe even bedroom?
  • Green: It should also have a calming effect. This colour is perfect for places where you want to relax. The colour would help reduce stress.
  • Yellow: It is a good one Ideal for the office or places where you want to create your creativity and productivity.

2. The walls

dark green walls home

Walls can change a lot in the house. It might be obvious to leave them white and to ‘possibly, someday, one day’ throw a painting on it. But the result is often that walls remain bare. And bare walls can provide a bare-looking house. So it can already do a lot to decorate or paint a wall in a cool colour. For example, think of dark blue or olive green, or even dark grey. A too white house creates a clinical environment: you get a hospital effect. This is something you don’t want. Simply paint one wall in a different colour and that will do the trick.  

3. Accessories

From candles to plants and books: accessories can have a big impact in your home. Don’t get goosebumps right now while you’re thinking of pink flowers with tea lights around it, on a pile of carefully selected books, on a mini-rug – on a shelf. All of that is not necessary at all. A simple stack of books on the cupboard already does a lot: it adds some colour and just that little extra. But also a simple houseplant, rug, great big lamp or a nice piece of art on the wall will do the trick. It’s not that difficult at all and it doesn’t have to be much, but some accessories in your home can make it all look a bit more ‘residential’.

4. Textures

black white kitchen

Not only colours are important, but also textures do a lot for your home. If all the textures in your home match, it will result in a boring whole. So it’s nice to use some variety in this. Different textures promote the mood and atmosphere in a room. Pillows and blankets are an easy way to add some extra textures to your home. These ensure that it become a ‘cozier’ collaboration. You can do this by throwing a bedspread or blanket over the back of your sofa. When purchasing a sofa or chairs you also have to keep the texture in mind: do you have a lot of white, smooth-wood furniture in your home? For example, opt for a darker fabric sofa instead of leather.

5. Layout

It may seem very obvious: couch against the wall, coffee table in front and TV on the wall across the room But it can pay off to play with this standard format. Do not be afraid to use a cupboard as a partition in the middle of your room for example. That can just ensure that the space becomes less empty and more playful. Think about different formats, move it around and look at your options. You will see that there is more than just one way of designing.

6. Light

Light is a very important element. Not only at night, but also during the day. When you have a house with a large windowed area it will give you a surplus of light, it is wise to invest in cool curtains. Not only does it look a bit nicer, but you can also regulate the amount of light that enters. Curtains are not only useful for the bedroom! In addition, when choosing lighting you have to be careful that you do not opt for a light which is too white and bright. In atmospheric lighting, a yellow, more muted light is important. When you hang an LED lamp above your head in the living room, you will see that you still pull in the dreaded hospital atmosphere. Plus: it doesn’t make it much better if you want to take your date home with you. Smaller, atmospheric lamps are important. Also to create the mood!

7. Balance

living room minimalistic

The magic word in bringing atmosphere to your home is balance. If you bring all of the above mentioned elements into your home in a wrong way, the result would even scare a theme park. You don’t want a funfair, so be careful. Don’t go for a bright yellow wall, blue furry cushions, a red leather couch and a candle/plant or book in every compartment. Then it will become too much. Play a bit with the various elements and make sure you balance between peace and atmosphere.

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