Swimming after eating is dangerous. Carrots are good for your eyes. You hear some things often enough to think they are true. Everyone says it, so it must be true. But is that always the case??
If something is claimed often enough, you soon think it is true. In this section we investigate facts and fables.

Coconut oil is healthy

You have often read it in recent years: coconut oil makes you slim, it ensures shiny hair, radiant skin and improves your immune system. In short, a panacea.

Harvard professor Karin Michels sees it very differently. According to her, it is a myth that coconut oil is so healthy. It consists of more than 80% saturated fat. The cholesterol in it can stick to the veins and that is very dangerous. Coconut oil would not have any other health effects either. The Nutrition Center also advises to not eat coconut oil too often. It contains the most saturated fats of all baking products.

And coconut oil is not good for the planet either: a lot of tropical forests have to go for the construction of coconut plantations and the cultivation of coconuts requires pesticides and a lot of water.

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