The casino industry has been growing and expanding for decades now. While casinos are widespread across the world, the center of the industry is arguably Las Vegas. Here, the entire casino scene started from humble beginnings amongst a vacant desert. We’ve come a long way since then, and casinos are often on the cutting edge of integrating new technologies to appeal to visitors. If you look at casinos, it’s like a wonderland of bright lights, sounds, and other attention-grabbing environmental stimuli. Here are some of the ways that technology has changed in the world of casinos over the years.

Online Casinos

Before we even step through the door, it’s worth mentioning that online casinos have become one of the biggest factors in the industry today. The popular card games can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home, and since the advent of playing casino games online, there are more options than ever for gaming enthusiasts. Instead of making the trip to Las Vegas, you can enjoy your favorite games from wherever you are in the world, certainly helping you to save on your travel costs.

It’s interesting how much this sector of the gaming industry has grown. Even in the early days of the internet, the seeds of this prosperous market were already being planted. Now it’s expanded from simple digital slot machines or roulette to even full live streams with real croupiers. For those that enjoy the conversation and companionship that comes with actual dealers, this makes for a fun and enjoyable pastime.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are some of the most iconic pieces of any casino venue. They are ever-present in casinos from the USA to China and are enjoyed for their relaxing and simple gameplay. It should be no surprise, considering their history and many iterations over the decades. The first slot machines are dated back to the 1890s and were also the first form of video poker. These machines contained several decks of cards and would automatically give you a hand for every play of the machine.

Nowadays, slot machines have morphed into many different types of games. Older style machines with gears and levers are much harder to find than the digital displays that are more preferred. While they hardly resemble the older styles, they haven’t lost any of their fun or intrigue.

Automatic Card Shufflers

While not as attractive as the slot machines, automatic card shuffling machines have existed in several different forms for almost as long. These are a crucial component in the casino ecosystem and aren’t given the credit they deserve. The story of these devices is actually quite interesting and they have also been updated regularly to keep up with modern innovations.

Patents for card shuffling machines first appeared in the United States around the beginning of the 19th century, though it is hard to determine if these devices were ever used in serious applications. This is because as you can imagine, the early stages of card shufflers were bulky, heavily mechanical, and not precise enough for serious gaming industries. The ideal concept for these machines has always been to achieve a “purely random” shuffle and ensure fairness for everyone involved.

Over the years, many different primitive techniques have been attempted before the machines that are commonly used today became available. Today these shufflers use multiple card decks to achieve a fair shuffle for players.

Player cards and Membership perks


One of the most useful innovations in the casino space actually doesn’t have much to do with gaming at all. Businesses are always trying to get user feedback and real sentiment on different things. What player cards offer to the casinos is invaluable information regarding their customers for a very cheap cost. Normally, cards are issued to each player for every casino they frequent, and they are incentivized to use these cards to eventually receive benefits like free drinks, hotel stays, and plenty more. The cards are inserted into the slot machines the players are using, and scanned by table dealers for games like blackjack or roulette. What the casinos receive is much more valuable than the membership perks they offer in exchange.

They get to see a real look at their patrons and analyze in detail everything about their experience. How long they spend at each machine is monitored, as well as how much they spend. All of their gaming habits are calculated electronically for big data analysts to examine. Player cards are something that could never exist in the older days of casinos and are one of the perfect examples of technology being utilized by this industry in the modern age.

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