Below we’d like to give you a few tips for picking out new tiles. Whether it’s for the floor with awesome black floor tiles, the bathroom or the toilet, they apply to everything. Read them through and if you have any tips of your own, please leave them here!

1. Set a budget


Maybe not applicable to everyone, but for most of us it probably is. Set a budget for yourself in advance and dare to share it. There is often a kind of taboo on mentioning a budget, but did you know that we can give better advice?

When a budget is set, and you don’t know exactly what kind of tiles you’ll choose in the end, it’s useful for us as advisors to know that, because we can then give more targeted advice and don’t have to show the tiles that fall outside the budget.

2. Look at what you like

Speaking of beautiful, maybe you’ve already delved a little into the different styles. Are you going for sleek and modern or would you rather have a floor with a rural or rustic look? Also take into account the style of the house or the rest of the interior such as the furniture. Checkout Porcelanosa floor tiles for a good variety of different looks.

Do you have a particular piece of furniture that you just can’t seem to part with or that you’ve just bought new? See if you can bring a piece (for example a door or a piece of fabric) to the showroom to make sure it matches. The same goes for the kitchen, feel free to take a front or a piece of the countertop with you.

3. Go for convenience (maintenance)

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Not everyone is fond of cleaning, so check with yourself whether that also applies to you. The fact is that some floors are easier to maintain than others. It is also true that on certain floors you are more likely to see those cookie crumbs from the children. So choose convenience!

4. Matching skirting boards, yes or no?

Because tiles should always be placed free of the wall, a finish is necessary. This can be in the form of a sealant seam, a wooden skirting board or a beautiful matching tile skirting board. The advantage of a skirting board is that it also has the function of a bumper and protects the wall finish when mopping or vacuuming.

5. Combine indoors with outdoors

We see it more and more, a combination of indoor and outdoor tiles. Especially with the latest developments, the ceramic terrace tiles of 2 cm thick, this is an easy one-two punch.

By using the same tiles both indoors and outdoors, the same atmosphere is created and it also looks bigger or more spacious indoors.

6. Opt for underfloor heating


Underfloor heating, an absolute must-have. Underfloor heating gives so much comfort, we can recommend it to everyone! Think about it carefully because once the tiles are in place it’s too late. If you haven’t decided yet or if you’re wondering whether underfloor heating is possible in your situation.

7. Bathroom tiles? Dare to accentuate

Are you looking for bathroom tiles? Accentuating certain parts of the bathroom by means of a contrasting color is always a good idea. For example, you can use a shiny or matt white wall tile as a basis and still create a very nice bathroom with the help of a few accents.

For example, you can put a whole wall in the bathroom in a different color. Or how about the shower area, the front of your bathtub or the toilet’s cistern? At the moment the trend is for strips.

8. Laying your own tiles?

Installing tiles is a craft, but the handy do-it-yourselfer might not mind. It’s important to use the right materials like glue and grout but also good tools are important, because good tools are half the job. Take your time and work carefully.

9. Tiles to be laid?

white ceramic sink near black framed glass door

Those who are not so skilled in DIY might be better off outsourcing the tiling. As mentioned, tiling is a skilled job and unfortunately it is often underestimated.

And so it is, because it’s not just about placing a tile in a bed of glue. It’s also about making a correct distribution, taking into account the rest of the room, the laying direction, and of course giving advice where it is needed.

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