When you have a new home it can be difficult to make it a ‘real home’. Of course, the right furniture and some nice plants already do a lot. But the bare white walls can be confronting. This could be the point in which you make the decision to brighten them up with some art. But if you are a rookie in the art world it can be difficult to invest in art for your home. We have listed a number of steps that you must go through when investing in art for your home.

You should pay attention to this when buying art for your home:

1. Find out what you like

The more you immerse yourself in the world of art, the better your art collection will ultimately be. It is therefore important to investigate. For example, visit a number of galleries and museums, dare to ask questions and get a little familiar with different styles and artists. The internet can also help you with this. You will notice that with more knowledge about art, your taste also develops. You learn to look at art in a new way and to better understand the concept behind it. In this way you will eventually get a sense of your own style and adjust your purchases accordingly.

2. Determine the purpose of your purchase

Do you only want to focus on your own opinion and feeling about the artwork, or do you secretly hope that it is an investment that will pay off later? These are two completely different approaches to buying art. If your main goal is that you find it a great work of art for yourself, it is a lot easier to find. If you have a passion for a piece of art, spending money on it will also not be a problem. However, if you see it as an investment and want to earn it back later, it becomes a bit more difficult. You have to ensure that you gain knowledge about factors that influence the price. Here you will find that there are many different things to learn about it, in which case you really have to take a big dip in the art world. Or just buy something and hope you get luck, which is also possible.

3. Set a budget

Of course, the budget will become ‘more flexible’ if you really develop a passion for a work of art. But it is important to look at what you can afford. Because art can be quite expensive, so if you agree on a budget with yourself beforehand, you avoid spending too much money. In the art world it is also important that you follow your feelings. If you really fall in love with a work of art, trust your instincts. So give yourself a budget, but also be prepared that there is a chance that you will go over this.

4. Do research

The art world is a different world. It is therefore important that you do good research. You can do this by talking to other collectors, gallery owners, consultants, etc. Make sure you understand the market and that you know how certain prices work.

5. Size does matter

black white art exhibition

Forget what your girlfriend told you, because when it comes to art, size really matters. You must (A) ensure that the artwork fits in your house and (B) ensure that it is not too much. It seems to happen that art collectors find out after the purchase of a work of art that it doesn’t fit in their house at all. So also determine in advance where the artwork should be placed and keep this in mind when choosing the size.

6. Save the documents

Anything actually. You have to make sure that the path of the artwork can be seen clearly. So save emails and receipts well. When you want to have the artwork appraised or sold, it is important that you still have all the documents.

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