Instagram is much more than just the social medium on which you share and view photos. It is pure business. But we are not going to kill you with these kind of clichés. We will give you the ten best earning travel bloggers in the world. This is what the jealous but beautiful travel snapshots are worth on Instagram.

Top 10 best earning travel bloggers on Instagram

Instead of opening up your wallet to go on a trip, travel bloggers get money for it. How much that is exactly has been found out by Hopper HQ who give you the ten best earning travel bloggers. This is what they are worth per post.

The top 10 consists of, among others, Paul Nicken, who shares interesting photos of animals. And Jack Morris, who is in a tropical resort with Lauren Bullen mostly, who is also on this list. But also Hannes Becker, Chris Burkard and Leonie Hanne have secured a place in this top 10. Multi-millionaires Garrett and Jessica Gee of @thebucketlistfamily are punctually and unbeatable at number one. They have already been to 45 countries with the whole family. You have to do something if you earn $20,000 euros per post.

Garret and Jessica Gee – $20,000 per post

Paul Nicklen – $8,000 per post

Chris Burkard – $7,650 per post

Jack Morris – $7,200 per post

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Into the jungle 🐒

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Lauren Bullen – $5,000 per post

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Yep, all for me 🐷

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Alex Strohl – $5,000 per post

Leonie Hanne – $4,300 per post

Louis Cole – $3,500 per post

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I love exploring the world with you ❤️✨

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Hannes Becker – $3,200 per post

Tara Milk Tea – $2,617 per post


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