The London brand GoodHoods, comes with a retro collection that will make nostalgic tech enthusiasts very happy. Apple, Microsoft, Panasonic, everything is available.

Apple used to have a clothing line, which inspired the new collection. GoodHoods has joined forces with a retro clothing specialist for the new collection Unified Goods.

The collection combines the corporate style of major tech companies with the style of the 80s. Not only the companies of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are coming back, fans of E-Bay, Maxell, Nokia, Panasonic, TDK and a variety of tech giants can also be expected.

More than just clothing

The retro collection of GoodHoods not only consists of sweaters and T-shirts, but also hats, umbrellas, waist bags, body warmers, jogging pants, sun visors and more. Below you’ll find a compilation, view the entire new collection here .

Apple retro sneakers

Apple once had its own sneakers, which employees of the company – founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976 – wore. These are now so rare that they are worth a fortune . Unfortunately these sneakers are not in the retro collection of GoodHoods, but know that Versace recently remade one of these iconic sneakers

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