Buzzinspired is an ideal way to advertise. Although we are very proud of our figures and continue to grow by the day, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The high quality of our content also ensures an established name among the target group. We play a leading role as an influencer, partly because we do not want to score cheaply, but offer a mix of unique content that fits perfectly with the target group.

We are very involved with our followers, through the website, but also through all the different social channels that we use to optimise contact. Partly for that reason we have a very valuable following. Perfect for targeted advertising!

Are you interested in working with us and setting up a campaign aimed at men & women who would like to keep up with the latest trends? Contact us via or via the contact page. We strive to make campaigns at least as interesting for the visitor as for our editorial articles. This is how we get the most out of your campaigns!