Decorating a house can be difficult at times. Which style to choose, which materials and especially which color? Many people quickly settle for a neutral color palette. A safe choice, but not always the most distinctive one. We understand that choosing bright, eye-catching colors can be exciting. That’s why we show you how you can subtly add color to your interior in this article!

Scroll down for tips and inspiration.

1. Pillows are the way to go

cozy living room

This is the most convenient and non-permanent way to add more color to the living room and bedroom. The nice thing about pillows is that you can experiment with different fabrics and change them every season. For example, a coarse knitted pillow in autumn, faux fur in winter and a linen fabric for the summer months. Do you really want to get out of your comfort zone? Mix different prints with each other!

2. Color is in the details


Color accents stand out in a neutral interior. Think of a candlestick, pictures on canvas or lamp in a different shade. For a ‘safer’ look, you can apply up to sur ton. In other words, pick one color and then add several shades of that color. You can get a lot of inspiration from this mood board.

3. Color under your feet…

Shift your attention downwards with a colorful rug or even more extreme: add a different touch to the floor itself. In this inspiration boost, we show you a lot of fine rugs. Do you have a wooden floor and aren’t afraid to give it a new touch? Make sure to follow this handy step-by-step plan.

4. …Or upstairs!

Ok, this is a somewhat extreme way of coloring the house, but how about a ceiling in a different color than the rest of the room? This can be quite stylish and it’s a good option if you prefer to leave your beautiful floor alone. The effect can be surprisingly cool, like in these rooms.

5. DIY: colorful art

woonkamer blauw

Art can be expensive, especially if you don’t like color very much, you shouldn’t spend a fortune on a colorful work of art right away. The solution? DIY! For example, collect special leaves and frame them or make your own chevron painting. You could also think about a canvas with your own print on it from With this code BUZZINSPIRED, you will get up to 5 FREE MIXPIX Photo Tiles from To acquire your free print, go to, upload your desired photos and enter the name BUZZINSPIRED during the checkout. The more you buy the more you get free!

5. Vases

woonkamer decoratie

They come in all shapes, sizes, materials and… yeah, colors. A super easy way to bring color into your home. You don’t even have to put a branch or plant in the vase, because vases are a decoration piece in and of themselves!

7. A colorful entrance

This is another idea for the dare-devils among us: paint a door in a different color than the rest of your interior.

8. Curtains

zonlicht woonkamer

Do you want to change the curtains? Consider a colorful ones!

9. Color in the kitchen

houten keuken

The kitchen is a vibrant space, the heart of the house, and the perfect space for some extra color. Are your kitchen cabinets made from paintable material? Consider sanding them down and applying a new layer colorful paint. Check out our step-by-step plan for painting your kitchen here for handy tips and tricks.

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