With a selfie stick in front of the Eiffel Tower? You can be more original! These are the seven most unusual types of vacation photos on Instagram.

1. Selfies with a drone

The selfies of Renée Lusano are sometimes just like finding Waldo. Where is she standing? Her travel photos were often taken tens of meters away by her drone Furby. There is never an ugly selfie stick in the picture. Another lesson from Renée: photos become more fun when you dress as a hot dog.

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Happy Friday, doggies #hotdogwrenee

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2. Food, food, food

Wherever Melissa Hie goes, she photographs a local snack against an interesting backdrop. Her colourful holiday pictures make you feel like travelling and eating. The matching nail art completes her snaps.

3. Hand in hand

Nataly and Murad Osmann travel the world hand-in-hand. Her first, with him behind her with a camera. Almost seven years ago he took her hand for the first time in a photograph. In the meantime, their photos are slicker, her clothes more expensive and their destinations more chic. They still inspire millions of people with #followmeto.

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#followmeto the Karnak Temple with @natalyosmann. After arriving to Luxor at around 4 a.m we got the confirmation that we can come to the temple in the early morning for sunrise, so we only slept for an hour, but it was totally worth it. It is such a magical place and with just us being there it was an amazing experience as we could also have time to ourselves and feel this place. Watch our video from Egypt!! LINK IN BIO! ❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍ What would you like us to share about our trip to Egypt? ❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍ #Следуйзамной в Карнакский Храм. После приземления в Луксоре около 4 утра, нам наконец-то подтвердили, что мы сможем зайти в Карнакский Храм на рассвете. Поспав всего лишь час мы ни разу не пожалели – потому что быть одним в этом магическом месте – это бесценно. Посмотрите наше полное видео из Египта! Ссылка в БИО!

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4. Selfie of your selfie

It is actually double the work. Koheun takes a photo of himself, prints it out and then makes a photo of it against a special background. But the result is beautiful and unique. For almost four years she has been taking shots this way on all her travels, from Cambodia to Kenya you’ll find #kohonthego.

5. Long live your double chin

Michelle Liu is as uncharming as possible on her vacation photos. You look at her double chin and in to her nostrils. She calls ‘Chinning’ her way of posing. “A chinfie is more fun to make than a selfie and costs much less time and effort!” She told 7Days last year. “It helped me accept that everyone is different.’

6. Pretend to be dead

With her head straight down, arms and legs spread, Stephanie Leigh Rose poses as if she’s dead. Her holiday pictures are a statement against selfies.

7. Glass ball

You cannot predict the future with it, but a glass ball in front of your camera does produce nice pictures. It turns the world upside down for a moment and lets you look at it differently. Lensball collects the most beautiful photos made with a glass ball.

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