You will find T-shirts with texts and slogans all over the world. Often in English, even in countries where no English is spoken. And yes, sometimes there is a Babylonian confusion of words.

T-shirts that made it into the shop in a wonderful way

The result: T-shirts are added to the shop that sometimes miss the mark due to sometimes only one letter difference. In some cases you think: not one person could have done the final editing? In other cases you are almost certain that it is a ‘conscious’. ‘ Beauty dies in in LSD orgy after sex with 100 men ‘, there must be an equally brilliant and cut-up spirit behind it. Anyway: it is a small miracle that all these T-shirts made it to the shop. At least it makes the world a little more hilarious. Look, enjoy and be inspired.

Everybody …

crap your hands tshirt

Suddenly you get it, you become a door

become door tshirt

That’s how it is!

the pig is full of many many cats tshirt

Bam, now you again!

no bitch yes freedom tshirt

Everyone has their fetish

fart sexy style tshirt

Why you should never have a T-shirt printed when you are stoned

weird tshirt design

A deeper layer is hidden behind this

think less stupid more tshirt

We would love to meet the designer of this sweater

most craziest tshirt design


im so hangover i wish i was dead tshirt design

Cut-up minds make the most beautiful things

chocolate fucking jesus tshirt design

This is pure disinterest

wrong tshirt design spelling

This makes no sense at all and yet we feel it

weird tshirt design mistake

Of course man, get it out!

crazy tshirt text

Thank you for your contribution

anal tshirt

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