Travelling alone can be pretty nice. Make your own choices, plan your own route, take the time for everything, etc. But that you go on your own does not mean that you really want to be alone, right? So many more people travel alone and of course it can be really cool to travel with someone now and then or to spend a few days on an island. Making new friends while travelling is will be easy but at times or certain destinations it can be difficult. You are probably not used to just talking to someone on the bus but this is quite normal when travelling. Use these 10 tips and ice breakers and you will probably never be alone again while travelling!

1. Sit at the bar

friends at the bar

You will always find the most interesting people at the bar. Often there are other people here who are travelling alone and want some fun. Find a nice bar via TripAdvisor and see who is alone at the bar as well.

2. Do the tourist stuff

tourist group

You have the greatest chance of getting to know other travellers in places where many travellers come. Sounds logical right? So, for example, if there is a place where everyone watches the sunset, go there. Chances are that there are more people there who also travel alone.

3. Take something nice with you

For example, consider a fun card game. This is an easy ice breaker and provides the most pleasant moments. Before you know it, a new group of 10 people suddenly appears. This also works with other things such as one captain’s hat to a party. People will certainly appeal to you and new friends are guaranteed. Get some travel inspiration from the web as well.

4. Sleep in a dorm

Yes sleeping in a dorm has its disadvantages but it is easy to make new friends. Especially in the afternoon when everyone is awake and is still enjoying the air conditioning, it can be very cosy here. This also applies to the communal space in hostels.

5. Smile

tourist paris smile

A smile is half the battle. This shows that you are open to other people, that you are friendly and that it is great if someone appeals to you. Sometimes a smile is the only icebreaker that you need when travelling.

6. Be open to different people

At first glance, someone may not look like your type, but at least you have one common interest: travel! That ensures that you always have something to talk about and who knows you may secretly have many more things in common.

7. Start a simple conversation

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with one of the standard traveller questions. Everyone does this and there naturally a conversation arises about totally different things. Examples of standard travellers questions:

Where are you from?
What kind of work do you do?
Are you studying or what have you studied?
Where have you all been on this trip?
What is your next destination?

8. Go on an excursion or join a tour

This cannot go wrong! Go on a fun boat trip or another tour and at the end of the day it is only possible that you have met new people.

9. Don’t be ashamed of anything

happy friends

Above all, never worry about what others think of you! You are travelling and chances are that you will never see all those people again. You will never see most of them again after just a few days.

10. Ask questions

Ask random people questions. Even if they are the simplest questions like “Do you know where you can eat well?” This is sometimes the start of a nice conversation and a new friend.

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